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  1. i currently own a fender mexican jazz bass which i play in a pop-punk sorta band and i think its great, i cant really see any fault with it at all and it sounds great(im even thinkin of puttin some quarter pund pickups in ther)
    i need a backup bass as my first ever bass is really pants (to put it lightly) i was thinkin p bass, so should i go squier or fender mexican again?
  2. if you are going for a p-bass check out the american made peavey fury basses, they have the p-bass shape and pickup but with a jazz neck... they are better than mex fenders and because peavey isnt a well thought of name you can get them dirt cheap under 200 bucks on ebay
  3. i checked it out and im not really a fan of the shape of it, doesnt look like its readily available in england either, do you think i should go for the mex fender or a squier?
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    Dec 27, 2003
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    Why not get an Essex/SX that many of the TBers seem to like, especially if you only intend to use it when your main bass is in failure mode, ie why spend $ on something that's only going to "get you through".
    Never played one myself, but they're held in regard for value by quite a few people. There are plenty of threads here on them.
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    I would suggest goingthe mex fender....but try a good few of them so tat you et a good one - yup, do your own quality control! ;)

    Alternatively, check out ebay, and see what comes up - you sometimes get used MIJ P basses for less than you'd pay for a new MIM one!
  6. im pretty short of cash at the moment and ive heard mixed opinions of the OLP musicman copy, this would be great because i;ve always wanted to get a stingray but we wont even go into how much they cost!