Bad experience at GC, and a tech question...

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by The Dave, Jan 7, 2009.

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    So, there was a Deluxe Active Precision Special, Blizzard Pearl, Rosewood board, hanging on the wall with a Clearance tag showing a pretty substantial discount. I asked a guy to get it down so that I could check it out. First, I noticed that the action was really high. I plugged in and started playing with the pickup blend centered and eq flat - sounded pretty good. Then I tried each pickup solo and noticed that the J pickup sounded twice as loud and twice as bassy as the P. I don't know if there's something wrong with the P pickup, or the preamp, or if it just needs a new battery, but I can't imagine why that would affect the output of one pickup and not the other. Then, I noticed that the model listed on the clearance tag was a Deluxe Active Jazz in Vintage White! I was sure GC would be grateful to know all this stuff so, I filled the guy in. The only issue he really addressed was the action, and all he said was "We have a guy who'll set it up when you buy it." After I told him about the other stuff, he just said "So, this isn't the one?" I said "I guess not." and he hung it back on the wall while I was leaving.

    So, we all know that the art of customer service is gasping for breath - just like common sense and common courtesy - but what would cause a difference in output between two pickups? Could it just be the battery? I'm still interested in this bass, but I'd like to have an idea of what might be goin' on. I might go back later with my tools and a 9V battery in my pocket and check it out again.
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    GC = bad. Everyone pretty much knows this. Walmart for music.

    If they made a mistake and put a tag on it that would have given you a real deal, why didn't you take it? If the p'ups were a bit dorked, take it to a tech and let them sort it out (provided the discount was really good AND you liked the rest of the bass). That would be a very hard call for me if the action was that high. Maybe go back with some allen wrenches in your pocket and do it yourself (I've done this - no one seems to care).
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    you, sir, are my rogue setup hero!

    do you have a mask to hide your identity?
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    Most likely the J was closer to the strings.

    A bad battery is going to affect the output on both p-ups.

    Speaking to a friend who works in GC they do get folk swapping tags, etc and coming back later to hopefully get a bargain. This is what might have happened in your situation. You'll find that when you do buy the do a check of the serial numbers to prevent this type of pre-purchase swap. In my local shop they've also had folk 'hiding' guitars in cases and then coming back later to buy the case! That's why cases get opened at the door when you get the full body cavity search!

    Slightly off post, but my local GC has got rid of the turnstile in the way in any other's followed suit?