Bad fret rattle on E string first fret GL L2000

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  1. Hey Guys,
    My G&L L2000 has developed a horrible fret rattle on my open E string at the first fret. I have never needed to adjust the neck since I received the bass new in 2008. Is it possible I've developed a twist in the neck? :( The rattle only occurs at the first fret on the E string and just barely on A string but I have to dig in really hard to make it happen on the A. I have not modified the bass in any way and I am using the same gauge and brand of strings the bass came with Daddario XL's 45-100. Should I put a call into G&L? I don't have any G&L dealers here in Vermont.
  2. Technicality


    Feb 10, 2011
    By my best guess it could be (in order from easiest to fix to hardest):
    -A dodgy string.
    -The action has shifted with temperature/humidity, and by getting a hair lower highlighted an issue that has always been there.
    -The nut (if this is only happening on an open string).
    -A fret that has moved somehow and is now not level with the others on that side.
    -Something more exotic like a twisted neck

    If it were me, I'd work down the list ruling out the simple stuff before panicking. Swap the strings and see if it goes away. Raise the action a tiny tiny bit and see if it goes away. Check the nut (if applicable). Check the frets with a fret rocker. Then if none of those reveal the problem, get in contact with G&L or get a pro to look at it.
  3. lz4005


    Oct 22, 2013
    When you say 'rattle on the open E at the first fret' you mean that when you play the open E it is hitting the first fret?

    The first thing you should do is check to see if the E side of the 1st fret has popped up. When you push down on it, it shouldn't have any give, it should be firm against the fretboard.
  4. I had my guitar in for an unrelated matter & the tech noticed the slot in the nut had worn to the point that it was causing a rattling E. Simple fix. Heap a little pile of baking powder in the slot. Cover w/spot of super glue (liquid not gel). It dries quickly & you'all be able to file it down at that point. He also used the rounded edge of the q tip to roll in the slot right after the glue before filing to tamp it down more buzzing! This worked for my Roscoe Beck V that I've read some folks have added a new tree to avoid this - no need, this is much simpler.