Bad Monkey Mod input

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  1. So I modded a BM to these specs (1uf/.1uf):

    I like it but I figured I don't need the extra bass the mod offers. It gets muffled very quick and I don't like it when a dirt pedal takes away too much character (especially loss in the highs) from the original signal and adds mud. That's why I like the Bass Driver with it's blend knob. The added transparency from the modded BM is noticeable. Today I played with a Bass Driver, the modded BM and a stock BM a bit. I'm astounded that I can get the 3 pedals to sound pretty much the same with the modded BM being the model (see pics below). That's because the modded BM is set so it's not bassier than the cranked stock BM. Beyond that, it just gets too boomy IMHO. So the modded BM and the BD sound pretty much the same (using below settings) with the unmodded BM being a little less open or transparent than the other two.

    So to the BM-modders out there, what do you think about the mod, especially transparency-wise? Here are some pics so you can see the knob settings.

    BD: Tone: 3 o'clock Blend: 12 o'clock Morph: just a tad like 7 or 8 o'clock
    BM: All but Level maxed
    Modded BM: Low: 11 o'clock High: maxed Gain: 12 o'clock

    Level was set to match dry volume on all pedals. The EQ of my amp was set flat. Bass used was passive PJ with vintage J and hotter-than-vintage P.


    Bottom line: If you want more transparency than a BM and don't need more bass than the BM offers, then get the BD and don't mod the BM.

    What I will do the next couple of days is try the .15uf instead of the .1uf for "even more transparency".
  2. Well I did the .15uf mod with the other Monkey. Using headphones I couldn't tell teh difference between .1uf and .15uf. It actually seemed to less transparent than .1uf. Without headphones it sounded "right" but I can't play loud at home.