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Bad news - Modulus stolen ......good news - bought Urge II.

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by Carbon Copy, Dec 7, 2006.

  1. Carbon Copy

    Carbon Copy

    Nov 24, 2006
    Hi folks, new member here with post number one so go easy on me!

    First the bad news:
    Four weeks ago today some opportunist skum broke into my house to steal my 43" plasma tv and along with a few other goodies decided to help themselves to my 1988 Modulus Quantum 4, it just happened to be on its stand by the patio window through which they entered the house. Unfortunately I can only remember the serial number as 88xxx, but it was a destinctive transparent red over maple finish and has chrome fittings with a Gotoh dropper on the E, EMG pickups & was fitted with D'addario XL strings. This was an early model that does not have a truss rod adjustment & was fitted with a new Dunlop red flame strap. I'm in the NW of England between Liverpool and Manchester, so obviously if anyone sees or hears of a Modulus like this turning up (not exactly common!) please contact me through the forum. I cannot believe how much I miss this guitar. :crying:

    Unfortunately a replacement is also going to take 3 months to arrive from Modulus via the UK agent and I will have to pay 50% up front to place the order, which now means that I will have to wait for the insurance company to pay up for the claim in full before I can start the order process.

    And so to the good news:
    I had been looking to buy another bass to complement the Q4 and had a little cash put to one side. Naturally I wanted something softer sounding than the Q4 that had warmth and a versatile tone, so with the blessing of my better half (who to be honest was tired of seeing me sulk in the corner of the lounge) I set out to buy a Fender Jazz on Saturday to "tide me over". Things did not go exactly to plan, I did not like the narrow neck or the weight of the Jazz, the Precision was also heavy and limited so I ended up coming home with an all-black Fender Urge II. It's taking a bit of getting used to but I do like the light weight and thin-but-Pbass-wide neck and the tonal range is absolutely amazing.

    I'll post pictures of the missing Mod and Urge when I can get the upload link to work.

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