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Bad Output Jack on MIM Fender Jazz? Help!

Discussion in 'Pickups & Electronics [BG]' started by GatorDogDoc, Dec 22, 2011.

  1. Recently my MIM Fender Jazz has developed an annoying hum related to a ground issue.

    When I touch the strings, bridge, output jack, etc. it disappears.... so I open her up to test things out.... here's a pic:


    Schematically, it's identical to this:


    Quite a while ago I soldered the "jumping" ground wire from pot to pot to pot to output jack and it has worked flawlwessly.... until now.

    When I test for continuity from ground (outer nut of output jack) to each pot casing, to each ground wire solder point, to the ground lug on the inside of the output jack, and to the bridge, all is good (i.e. continuous), so I know the grounding wires are fine.

    The problem is that I just happened to check for continuity from the ground to the "hot" lug on the output jack AND GOT A CONTINUITY SIGNAL !!! This is true from any ground point to any hot connection !

    Here's a close up of the output jack.... there is no visible cross contact:


    What happened?
    Bad output jack? (i.e. ground is shorting out/contacting hot?)

    I'm about to disconnect the ground wire from the output jack to see if that breaks the hot-ground connection, but thought I'd post this first.

  2. Elegant Mule

    Elegant Mule

    Jun 27, 2011
    I've had this problem because of ungrounded amps. I'd guess that with all the work you've gone though you've already checked that, but one never knows. Good luck.
  3. Amp is well grounded, but a good thought. Still doesn't explain the crossover continuity signal on an unplugged bass, though!

    Anyone else think it's a bad output jack besides me?
  4. Nevermind! My multimeter had the short! Moving on to other issues with this one.

    Thanks anyway.

    (This thread is dead).

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