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Bad Times with Rosetti and BC Rich

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by BDL1991, Apr 3, 2009.

  1. I just found today that I cannot get the bass I wanted, due to the factory that makes BC Rich Zombie Basses (and guitars I believe) has gone bust and there is no other factory making them or ready to make them yet.

    so therefore, I can either take back my deposite of £220 or talk to the local shop, where I was purchasing it and see what else they can give me, I may attempt to get a list of brands from them, to give me a list of options and therefore make a good decision.

    Which of these should i do?

  2. Order it on-line ?.... Seems to be some stock left in a warehouse in the U.K ...
    http://www.giggear.co.uk/p/BC-Rich-Zombie-NT/ This is just one of many search results that came up you will have to do your own search of retailers to find some one you trust...

    Or some one here might have one for sale ?
  3. yea they might, but the problem with ordering online is i only have half the cash, i was paying it off every week, and i was hoping to have paid it off by may which isn't going to happen so i'm going to have to deal with my dealer as is unfortunatly, see which BC Rich models they can get it and what other brands that have a similar model bass, that they can get

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