Badass bridge hex key

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  1. I ve read a post that lists the bridge steup hex key as an 0.050 but read another listing it as 1.25 mm. I need one as my used Geddy lee j-bass is without one. So anybody know , which one? and where to find one? Ive found 0.050"s on a bunch of tool websites but if its 1.25mm no luck. And Ive E-mailed the Leo Quan website a couple times and of course have heard nothing back. Thanks in advance..
  2. BillMason


    Mar 6, 2007
    Interesting... I think the packaging said .050, but I remember loosing mine and trying another .050 and it didn't fit. I sold the bridge and said screw it (pardon the pun).
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    It's likely to be imperial 50 thou as it's an American product, but that's so close to 1.25mm as to make no difference (.050"=1.27mm).

    Any chance you could borrow a bunch of allen wrenches (you know, on a ring) and try them to find out? Or just buy a set - they're not expensive and they do tend to come in useful now and again.
  4. I went to the local tool store this morning, and the store dude was nice enough to open up a "pack" of keys 0.050 to1/4.., I took the bass with me, and the 0.050 fits fine. So I bought the pack.. I guess for the record 0.050 will do the trick.. thanks..
  5. it's a bodge but a flatblade jewellers screwdriver works for me. the screws aren't under noticeable tension and it's not messed up the allen socket...