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BadAss fit on Y-Man Jazz Bass?

Discussion in 'Hardware, Setup & Repair [BG]' started by bassisten, Aug 29, 2007.

  1. bassisten


    Sep 15, 2004
    Bergen, Norway
    Hi there!

    My Y-Man Guitar Workshop jazz bass has got a bridge with these dimensions (it's got 5 screw-holes):

    The whole thing:
    80mm x 60mm

    From side to middle of first hole:

    Between each hole:

    - would this fit with a BadAss II Bridge?
  2. datsgora

    datsgora Guest

    May 23, 2007
    N. Ca. Martinez
    Hi.....I am measuring a badass II i have around.....

    from the edge to the center of the first hole is 5mm
    center to center of each hole is 17mm
    center to center of the two outside/edge holes is 70.5mm
    width of bridge is 82mm
    length is 63mm
    the holes for the string spaces is at 17.5mm center to center

    I hope this enough info to help. peace, John
  3. DavidRavenMoon

    DavidRavenMoon Banned

    Oct 20, 2004
    I do a lot of Badass installs on Fenders and Squires, and especially the 5 string Jazz Basses, I often have to relocate the holes. I've seen like 5 different sets of holes, and that's from the same maker.

    Most of the 4 strings are direct fit... but we don't know if your bass was a direct replacement.

    But the string spacing should be fine. You have to cut your own slots in the bridge, so you can adjust the spacing a bit.

    So try to see where it falls on the existing holes, and if it seems in the right location, you are all set. You just have to slot the saddles.

    If it's not, then you need to measure to find the location of the bridge to be sure, and then measure to find the center line. Then mark the location of the new holes, and drill them.

    They can be a bit tricky to install, but not too hard either.
  4. bassisten


    Sep 15, 2004
    Bergen, Norway
    Hi Guys!

    Thanks for the answer, I'm ordering one right away, can't stand the quality of the one that I have right now.


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