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  1. arvidgunardi

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    Mar 18, 2001
    Jakarta Indonesia
    Guys, I have just bought a new Badass II bridge to be put on my new custom 4 string fretless. I'm trying to figure out how exactly is it suppose to be install properly. If anybody has a pic of your own Badass II bridge close up, can someone post it pleaseeeee.....:)

    Thank you so much.

    Also, with BArtolini HR 4.6 preamp, which BArt PU should i go for?
  2. Just figure out EXACTLY where it should be, drill some pilot holes if necessary, then screw it down. If you don't know what I mean by EXACTLY, do some research (the saddles need to be in the right place for the bass to intonate properly, i.e. the 12th fret actually makes the octave of the open string, i.e. the neck is in tune all the way up and down it).

    The Badass2 is not made for String-thru-body mounting like you ask about in the other thread.

  3. arvidgunardi

    arvidgunardi Guest

    Mar 18, 2001
    Jakarta Indonesia
    Thank you sooooooo much!! I thought it is for string through body. Again thanks!!:)
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    Apr 2, 2001
    Portland, Oregon
    Are you serious? Did you hold the bridge in your hand? Where were you thinking of putting the strings? You bought a custom fretless and couldn't figure out if this bridge allowed stringing thru the body?

    Come on....your killin' me
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    Maybe you should get someone to do it for you? I know a place here in adelaide that sets up guitars etc. they did mine for a good price. Maybe you might find someone in your area. Afterall it is important to get the setup right is it not?

    Like i tried adjusting my action and i am not happy with it, strings feel too tight too, so i'm getting my mate to do it because he knows more and feels comfortable doing it. Sometimes we have to put our lives in guitarist's hands so we sound good! :p

  6. arvidgunardi

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    Mar 18, 2001
    Jakarta Indonesia
    It's not that. I have a custom fretless made for me here in Indonesia. They're honestly good basses. From what I heard, Badass are direct replacement bridge for Jazz/P-basses. And knowing that some of them are string through, I thought that badass 2 is also meant for string through. Not alot of people here carry Badass even though they're not that expensive, and just wanna make sure before I argue with the Luthier.:)

    You guys can check the Luthier's place up on my site.

    go the "my photos".