SOLD BAE DMP 1073 Desktop Mic Preamp / DI

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    FS: Barely used BAE 1073 DMP Desktop Mic Preamp.
    Original owner,
    Only used in studio, not a mark on it. Comes with original paperwork and power cable. A great sounding preamp/DI.

    Great as a mic pre, but I uses is as a bass DI for recording. It's in mint condition, and sounds beautiful with everything I've thrown at it. Lots of studio guys use these for bass.

    It's a reproduction of the classic Neve 1073, hand-built-to-last in CA. Quality piece of pro audio gear. This is the one with the "Bootsy mod" Jensen transformer DI

    DMP desktop version of the 1073MP. It shares a similar preamp and the same Carnhill (St Ives) transformers as the 1073 and 1084. Now included with the "Bootsy" mod, a Jensen Di has been added to the DMP.
    Built in PSU for extra portability.
    DI in and DI through.
    48v for phantom power.
    Solid steel chassis.

    $900 shipped CONUS / Canada

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