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  1. In my continuing fascination with what I've been calling the new category of 'Super Twelves', meaning small, 112 cabs using heavy duty 'PA' type neo drivers with hi end crossovers, and either mid drivers or hi end tweeters/horns, TBer Roger Baer of Baer Amplification was nice enough to send my his version of these little beasts, the ML112, for a tryout and review.

    The cab arrived safely packed and in perfect shape. Very good looking tolex, nice chrome corners and hefty metal grill, great looking company badge, and heavy duty handle. The cab is 'badged and oriented' to be used in horizontal configuration (I assume due to Roger's upcoming amp head being the full 19" rack size). However, Roger thoughtfully put heavy duty rubber feet on the side of the cab, making vertical use simple with micro heads.

    The cab is configured as a 12/6, with two speakon inputs (pictured below). The nominal impedance is 8ohms, but in my hour or so with this cab so far, the efficiency seems quite a bit higher than some of the other Super Twelves, and it cranks with my F500.

    I'll be putting up some clips, and a more detailed tonal review when I've had more time with it, and when it is fully broken in (I find that cabs with these heavy duty drivers take about an hour of playing time to open up most of the way on the low end).

    HERE IS THE COOL THING! Roger has posted that he wasn't after doing another 'studio monitor' type hi fi box, since there are quite a few of those type of boxes out there (i.e., the fEarful type 12/6 cabs, the Audiokinesis Thunderchild, etc.). Well, he wasn't kidding. He mentioned in a post a few days ago that he wanted a cab that would do the 'Chris Squire' thing, and he has achieved that beautifully. Of course, the cab can purr and do smooth also, but what brought a huge smile to my face was digging in with the passive tone opened up most of the way on my P with nickel wounds. If some are still wondering what an example of the term 'grind' sounds like, this is it. It just snarls and grinds up top while staying totally clean and open and deep down low. And, most importantly, there is no harsh tweeter thing (I love my tweeters, but not for that vibe).

    So, VERY interesting execution, and even with my 'clean' sounding all solid state Markbass F500, that mid driver SNARLS when you hit it. Beautiful upper mid and lower treble extension that stays 'paper cone' sounding all the way up, and breaks up just like the top of a driver like those old JBL 15's. Very impressive. And again, since that snarl is coming out of a separate driver, there is no compression down low, or unwanted distortion in the low end.

    This little cab reminds me a bit of my Bergantino AE410, but does that upper mid/lower treble grind even better, while staying more even down low.

    Very impressive. I'll put a few pictures in the next post, and then play it a while and do some clips tomorrow, and post more impressions of the clean tone in addition to pushing it a bit.

    This is definitely another flavor of Super 12, and will really speak to players who like to dig in and rock a bit IMO.
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  2. Here are a few pictures.... beauty shot in the living room, front and back, and in its 'test and review' configuration in my bass space with the Nordstrand P and the F500. I'll do a couple of different clips with the P and also my 70's style J, with a couple of different heads within the next 24 hours.



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    Jun 27, 2007
    lookin forward to the utubes.

    thanks Ken!
  4. +1!

    Also, I've heard around that the Euphonic Audio Wizzy M-Line 12 is a serious cab! Maybe it's something to look into for your next "super 12", if you haven't played it already.
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    how soon can someone try this with upright? i personally like alittle color to my upright speakers and sound. dont want that harsh peizo thing. i like warm and low middy with punch to the quarter notes...
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    Can you share the weight and the list price? Thanks.
  7. The Wizzy cabs are pretty nice, but I don't feel they are in the same category as what I'm calling 'Super Twelves', regarding maximum SPL and voicing, especially down low. IMO and some IME there.
  8. Roger lists the weight as 37 pounds, but it feels lighter than that. I'll weigh it tomorrow. But, right in the same weight range as the Thunderchild, the Acme FullRange, etc.

    The direct price listed on the site is $650. It looks like Roger is doing free shipping for a while, and a discount on the cover.
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    Nice cab - looks like the same mid-driver we're using. Just goes to show how hugely the tone of a woofer+mid cab depends upon the crossover, as in our implementation the mid is super clean (unless you put the dirt in yourself!)

    The Wizzy cabs are cool little things but you'd need two or more to match the output of these "Super Twelves" - the big difference is their volume displacement (excursion x cone area).
  10. Would it be possible to do a comparison clip with your other "super twelves" if you have the time?
    I really appreciate all your clips (Thanks!) but find A/B ones the most useful.
    Looking to forward to hearing this little guy!
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    I like the chrome corners. Just a little niggle here, but, why put the badge so close to the woofer ? Also, how is it ported ? It almost looks like a sealed cab.
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    I think it's got a pair of triangular ports which can be seen at the upper and lower right corners of the vertical view.

    It's nice to see the ML112 finally on the market. From what I've read, Roger's custom driver strikes a tonal balance somewhere between the 3012HO and 3012LF Eminence drivers with more low end extension and fullness than the HO but more mid presence than the LF. I'm a fan of the Faital W6N8-120 mid based on experience with my present 1212/66 cab with the 3012LF.

    I'm interested in:
    - how the ML112 low end delivers when pushed once the woofer is broken in (solid, focused, no fade?)
    - a little more on how it compares with the fEarful type 12/6 cabs
    - how it sounds with the Streamliner 900 as well as the F500

    Also looking forward to the YouTubes... Thanks
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    Nov 25, 2008
  14. rpsands


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    Did you switch from the Beyma to the Faital mid? Last I recalled you were using the Beyma with the phase plug. Believe Baer is using a Faital midrange of some sort.
  15. GeneralElectric


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    NY, NY
    This looks like an awesome cab. Not exactly digging the lack of casters or the fact that if you want theirs its $65 and you have to install them yourself. I can sort of understand that with the 112, but the 212 doesn't have them either. I really look forward to carrying around a 70lb cab in my arms everywhere.

    Still, if it sounds good, it sounds good. Hopefully I run into one, or read some more reviews before I get one. I'm looking for a small lightweight 12 or 15 that I can get a second of down the line.
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    Yes - when we went from Big One to Big Baby & Big Twin. Doesn't go as high as the Beyma on-axis but is stronger and more even lower down, lower THD, and more consistent off-axis so it blends much better with a tweeter.

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    VERY interested to hear your thoughts Ken as this cab breaks in. I am looking to buy one of these "super 12's" to use for corporate gigs where I need a lot of sound from a small box. Using primarily a 5 string passive P-Bass with a Markbass F1. From your description this cabinet is pretty intriguing. I wonder how it stacks up against the TC112.
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    It looks to be ported in the corners, through the grill.
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    Aug 31, 2006
    Stax 1966
    Third St. Cigar Records staff musician.
    Yup, you are correct. There was another thread about this cab awhile ago with pics and the ports are triangular.
  20. Hey guys. I'll put up some clips tomorrow afternoon, and for the post about the DB, I can't really help there, but will check it out with my Rob Allen Mouse, which is somewhat DBish and will at least be a data point.

    Nice box! I'm enjoying it. Very punchy and present, and again that (IMO) unique blend of a full, clean, round low end, but some aggression up top if you want it, and plenty of top end without having a tweeter, which makes this a great box for those that want a bit of aggressiveness coming out of the box itself.