For Sale/Trade Bag End Q10BX-D 410 cabinet with tweeter defeat

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    Easily one of the best 410s on the market. Sounds punchy and smooth. In excellent condition and functions perfectly. This one is special as it has a switch, professionally installed, to disable and enable the coaxial tweeter. Here's some info from the bag end site. I can ship for $100

    Punchy, deep, and clean.

    The versatile Q10BX-D speaker cab is ideal for electric bass guitar, acoustic bass, electric guitar, and the Chapman Stick.

    The Deep Red series cabinets combine Bag End's long standing acoustical designs for bass instruments with modern state of the art materials and production techniques. The subtle deep red color blends toward black at a distance but up close it radiates a subtle deep ruby red color. Under the carpet the speaker enclosure is made from the finest void free hardwood plywood and incorporates precision-machined joints and modern adhesives for unsurpassed road worthiness.

    The Deep Red X series incorporates all the features of standard Deep Red enclosures with the addition of the coaxial mounted AX-HI 1" titanium compression high frequency driver and crossover network. Extending the frequency response to the upper audible limits, the AX-HI driver projects highs smoothly, and widely disperses them directly from the center of the cone driver. A deep red dome signifies the AX-HI driver is present, but actually all you need is one listen and you will know it's there.

    Recommended amplifier size: Amplifiers will vary greatly from different manufacturers. The amplifiers output power rating is only one part of the information required to chose an amplifier for your system. Different amplifiers with the same output power rating will sound different and have various feelings of power and fidelity. Added to this are the various playing styles and techniques of the individual musician that will use various degrees of dynamic range. With a playing style utilizing wide dynamic range you may successfully choose the higher power rating, while a hard driving rock style would be safer choosing the lower power rating and adding additional speakers as required for a high output system. A system limiter is always a good choice to prevent the power amplifier from clipping which can both sound bad and cause speaker damage.

    Frequency Response: The DEEP RED systems are designed especially for live musical instruments. They are not "flat", but have been tuned to be ideal. The frequency response specification is +/- 6 dB. The +/- 6 dB points mark the useful frequency range of the system. This is the range that responds well to the various equalizers and tone controls found on typical instrument amps and preamps.

    The Deep Red Sub incorporates BAG END INFRA technology to extend the frequency response as low as 18 hertz. With the capabilities to provide flat frequency response well below the audible range of human hearing the DEEP RED SUB can quickly and accurately reproduce the entire fundamental spectrum of any bass instrument. The system will perform well with conventional crossovers in a bi-amped configuration but to really experience the maximum fidelity and output use in conjunction with the INFRA electronic crossover. The Deep Red SUB systems are designed to be bi-amped, requiring a dedicated amplifier channel for the sub and the upper range system.

    For 20 years Bag End has been using the multi ply birch plywood from the upper baltic region in Europe, well known as the region producing the highest quality plywood in the world. Bag End has selected the finest grade of this superior material to produce the Natural Wood enclosures. Beautiful and yet rugged and roadworthy, designed and built to last a lifetime, the Natural Wood series offers the quality and performance that has made Bag End bass systems a popular choice among professionals.

    The INFRA M2 is an electronic crossover featuring dual integrated INFRA low frequency output and stereo hi Pass outputs. The front panel controls include low and high frequency gain and system protection threshold. The INFRA-M2 includes INFRA Dynamic Filter protection and Hi frequency CVR limiter protection. The INFRA-M2 will enhance any bi-amped system using a Deep Red SUB enclosure.

    Bag End loudspeaker systems are designed around several standard dimensions allowing for the stacking of various system configurations. Only your imagination will limit the variety of possible system designs, ranging from a small portable system, a larger bi-amped and even a stereo bi-amped system. Often a larger system may be broken down into several smaller systems for rehearsals, recording sessions and smaller gigs. Bag End's commitment to standards and modularity allows for stacking and acoustical compatibility between current and past models to insure the ability to build larger systems over time without replacing original units.

    A system including both the INFRA low frequency and AX-HI high frequency technology responds beyond human hearing in both directions. A flat smooth response throughout the midrange insures that instruments are reproduced without coloration or distortion.

    Once you own a Bag End modular system you'll may never be satisfied with standard bass amps again.

    INFRA, Deep Red, Deep Red X, Deep Red SUB, Natural Wood and BAG END are registered trademarks of Modular Sound Systems Inc.


    Transducers: 4-10" cones, coaxial AX-HI drive

    Input connectors: Dual banana, 2-1/4" phone,

    2-Neutrik Speakon NL4MP

    Impedance: 8 Ohms

    Power handling: 800 Watts continuous sine wave

    3200 Watts instantaneous peak Read Less

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    This thing still available by any chance
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