Bag End S-15Ds vs Ampeg B15T Cabs/Apples-Oranges

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  1. Ladoo


    Jan 6, 2018
    Hi Ya'll,
    I'm into the whole P bass with flats thing and currently running an Aguilar AG700 into a Bag End S-15D, with caution, and getting a decent old school sound with some tweaking. Been wanting to add a second 15 cab (I dig 15's) so I figured the obvious choice would be to add a second Bag End S-15D. Easy peezy, done.

    Then fate threw me a curveball. I ran across an Ampeg B125T Cab up for grabs. I'd been leaning towards going ampeg for a while and I remember being impressed by the B15T's sound and size. Amp was lightweight but the cab I thought was great. Original speaker was rated 150watts but the upgraded EV 15L is rated for 200watts. I thought to myself, if I found two of those cabs and installed 8 ohm EV 15L's that just might be nirvana for bigger gigs. What are the odds I could find a second B15T..........I found a second B15T. Man the wheels are spinning.
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  2. wave rider

    wave rider

    Jan 5, 2005
    I don't know about the Ampegs, but the BE S15 stack has been a TalkBall crowd pleaser practically forever…
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  3. bobyoung53

    bobyoung53 Supporting Member

    I've owned two B-15T's for years and I often run two of them with an SVT head for medium sized rooms, excellent sounding cabs. I've actually done some smaller gigs with the head and one cab, still filled the room. I use the original heads for very small rooms and practice. The original heads also sound good, mine have the original 4 ohm speakers and I like them both with the SVT head and the original SS heads.
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  4. Ladoo


    Jan 6, 2018
    Thanks for the insight. I suspected 2 of those little B15T cabs would be great for gettin g a nice vintage ampeg sound.
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  5. bradd


    Jan 27, 2008
    Minneapolis, MN
    The B15T cab is great. I didn't care much for the head that came with it. I sometimes use it with a B15S head that was liberated from its cab or a Streamliner 900. It sounds pretty close to the 70s Theile B15 cabs.

    I've used the Bag End 15 and 15L previously, and if I had the opportunity to run 2 B15T cabs that would be the direction that I would go. Good job on finding 2 of them!
  6. I've had a B15t since the late 80s. It's been a great amp. :) Still has all the original components.
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