Balanced V Unbalanced Jacks

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  1. Just a quick question, my preamp has unbalanced 1/4 jacks and my power amp has balanced xlr jacks. what is the best way to connect these? just a 1/4 to xlr cable? what is the difference between balanced and unbalanced?
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  3. thanks, that makes a lot of sense
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    Best practice is to use a high-low impedance transformer that makes the transformation- the balanced signal is not only differently configured (pin 1=gnd, Pin2=Hot (normal signal) and Pin3 is cold (signal inverted). Pin 3 can be connected to shield but the level for High Z and Low Z are different.

    Yes, you can do it with a simple cable but if you don't like the results, get the transformer.
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    from a preamp into a power amp sitting underneath it?

    just use a regular guitar cable and get on with your day :rolleyes: