BAM 200 to Royal Guardsman (JBL) 2x12" Cab

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    Apr 25, 2021
    Hi, all. I recently picked up a TC Electronics BAM 200 mini head unit, and would like to see how it pushes my father's old '68 Vox Royal Guardsman 2x12cab with the JBL speakers and horn. The speaker out on the BAM is 1/4" and the Guardsman input is XLR male. Just was wondering how exactly to solder my DIY cable leads. I've made some cables in the past, but was just wondering if there's anything I should know about that XLR input. Both are 4 ohm loads. Thank you for your time.
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    Yes, for speaker applications, there was no standard wiring for XLR connectors. Every one is a wild ass guess.
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    Even more fun with a biamped cab. :cool:
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