Band Brokeup before I quit

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  1. It's been a few months since we played and about a year since we wrote new material. Basically, between that and the fact that I've been getting more interested in different styles of music and talking to other people about getting something going it was time for me to move on. So, the singer sends s group text about getting together on xyz date. Radio silence from everybody including me. So I decide I better man up and let these guys know my position. I say that I have enjoyed it and everybody is cool, good musicians, fun times, but I just assumed we had organically disbanded so I started moving on to other things and sorry to be the bearer and all that. Everybody knew I was into these other styles and was trying to get that going so no real surprises there. I told them if they keep the ball rolling and need me to show the new bass player the lines I would be happy to. I get a text from the singer about being confused but it's understandable and amicable. Then I get a text from the guitar player. Apparently, at our last show after I left the singer got waste deep in booze and started getting gay with the guitar player. Doing a lot of unwarranted touching and such. I always suspected the dude was into dudes but whatever, right? Nobody cares about sexual orientation anymore...except maybe his wife, but I digress. This touch off gets more and more aggressive and the guitar player finally grabs him by the throat and throws him to the ground. The singer slaps the guitar players glasses off his head and the drummer ends up splitting them up. Then after pleading with the singer not to drive drunk he hits the road with reckless abandon. So, the guitar player was down with my decision to move on. Haven't heard anything from the drummer. Bands will be Bands.
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    Problem solved. Go forward and test the musical waters elsewhere.
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    Well, that's a way better story than the one I was going to tell.
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    HAH! Wife, huh? kids?
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  5. No kids, but seemingly happy marriage.
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    Can't wait for the sequel...
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    You were robbed!
    So what needs to happen now is everyone has to apologize and make up, get back together for at least one farewell gig.
    Then the first guy to rage quit wins.
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    You did it all wrong. You're supposed to fire the drummer, then rage quit. Didn't you read the manual?
  9. Ha! To be honest I always thought the band would end in a fistfight between the drummer and anybody else.
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    New twist on the "Singer banged guitar players woman" is "Singer tried to bang guitar player!"
  11. That is a wild one!
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    You win. I got nothing to compare to that.
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  13. Without a doubt, that was a fresh sort of story! Just, wow...
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    Bullet dodged.
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    Sounds like a reality TV show script. WOW!
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