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Band name

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous [BG]' started by Havoc, Mar 23, 2006.

  1. Trying to come up with a catchy name for our band. Does "Critical Solution" sound to cheesy? We play a lot of GnR songs, along with some Metallica, Velver Revolver, Dire Straits, a little blues... We are kind of all over the place musicly.
  2. Since you say you're all over the place musically....how about..."All Over The Place"? Or "All Over"? :p
  3. Sounds sort of catchy to me. I like it.
  4. You should use "Pink Unicorn Horsey."

    You should have it billed as "Pink Unicorn Horsey- featuring former members of Gangrenous Foot Wound, Pig****er, and Evil Undead Corpse."
  5. jokerk874


    Feb 27, 2006
    well I'm no professional band name here, but maybe your band name should mean something about the band?
    (not sure if that's good advice, but I'm just tryin to help):)
  6. I was in a band back when Mt St. Helens blew, and we called ourselves "Tremor". Worked for a while...
  7. Limo


    Sep 22, 2002
    Reykjavik Iceland
    How aboot, Gotta Walk?
  8. Bard2dbone


    Aug 4, 2002
    Arlington TX
    Hmmm...It's a band name thread. And GoldenBoy has submitted his traditional suggestion, albeit with some modifications.

    I guess you know what's coming :

  9. DGbass70


    Jun 1, 2005
    Rochester N.Y.
    how about......NO RULES
    since you said about being all over the place(musically)
  10. bannedwit


    May 9, 2005
    Buffalo, NY

    go here and click generate for completely random stuff or add one word that will always be thrown in the mix for random names...
  11. I like the idea of traslating a bands name into a different language, it gives u a bizarre name that people remember.
  12. Bard2dbone


    Aug 4, 2002
    Arlington TX
    Just make sure of how you translate it. I was amused to notice that guitarist Richie Kotzen's last name is German for 'vomit.'
  13. Sundogue


    Apr 26, 2001
    Wausau, WI
    How about "Heavy Blender"

    Or...the "Oster Coasters"

    "Junk Drawer"

    "Ver-Eye Eddie"


    "Homo Genized"

    "The What?"

  14. Try one of my favorite band name ideas: "TBA"
    Your band will instantly be on the schedules of countless venues all over the world...guaranteed!
  15. Slink


    Dec 27, 2005
    Here's one that works FREE BEER
  16. haha on the random band name generator I got "cracked uranus"

    I like it....
  17. Seigi


    Jul 3, 2005
    I know I'm naming my band (as soon as I get one) The Talentless Hacks. Either that or The Blatant Ripoffs.
  18. Folmeister

    Folmeister Knowledge is Good - Emile Faber Supporting Member

    May 7, 2003
    Tomball, Texas
    Ooh, Boy! I looooooove doing this! Here I go:

    Nosebleed Tambourine
    Dour Power Hour
    The Flat Stacks
    Fossil Apostle
    The Hooter-tooters
    Brown Trouser Experience
    The Magnificent Plimptons
    The Hard Drives
    Absolute Desparation
    Left in the Van
    The Larry Hovis Institute
    Raped by Science
  19. Sellout Bastards
    Fish Sticker
    Bomb Face
    Red Bull****
    Brokeback Fountain
    Wayne's Reply
  20. Liturgical Goat
    Capitol of Estonia
    Four Guys On Stage Doing Things You Can't Do
    Evil Smilie
    Comic Book Girl
    Massive Movement

    and everyone's favorite:

    Rhymes with Orange

    Rock on

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