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    Jun 6, 2005
    tell me about your band practice set up? What do you use for vocals?

    Since my band plays in a room with terrible acoustics, a PA system is not the most suitable piece of equipment (and we can't afford one now anyways). For this reason we use a monitoring system and everyone wears headphones. We mic the kick drum and snare - which has to be turned down quite a bit since it breaks up the vocals at times (drummer hits hard). The monitoring system is an okay alternative, but ideally I would like to be in a room with better acoustics and a PA system.
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    We set up in a circle, for the most part. We use an older Crest console with monitor sends going to a JBL Eon powered monitor for each person. Everyone has thier own mix, if they decide to use it. We are moving to an in-ear system in the near future (once the federal budget is signed...) which should cut down on quite a bit of noise. Each person will have their own mix sent to a set of Shure E-5 earbuds.
  3. We set up in a 18x18 room and turn up. I don't know how we fit everything in there, but it works.
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    Feb 24, 2003
    As we are only young and broke we just set up with amps and try and get levels right.Mics go through a PA with then goes to 2 15 inch speakers.Tis grand!!!MY Redhead is all I need