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Band Stuff

Discussion in 'Off Topic [BG]' started by Warwickthumb, Jan 1, 2003.

  1. Im just using this time to vent a little. Recently Ive been trying to find a band. Ive tried searching profiles, i put an ad in the paper, and talked to people. Nothing good has turned up. The ad in the paper was great, but its the calls i got back. I may be young but I am not into whats really popular right now like this punk stuff or nu metal or what ever its called. Im not ripping on it, its just not my style. Peoblem is thats what everyone here listens too. And then add top 40 stuff in there too. I was trying to find a band to do some jazz stuff, becasue i just love playing jazz. But i also like fusion, funk and R&B. Anything were bass just really sets a great groove. BUt no luck. I know there are people here who like jazz from looking up profiles on aol, just know one that plays it. And we are close to chicago too weres some great jazz and blues stuff happening. Figure some might trickle over here, but no. So now im stuck. I havent been in a band in a while and im really aching to play out again. So any suggestions?
  2. find some o' them pop-punkers who are musicians. most are quite sheltered in what they've been exposed to. they like their crappy music 'cause they haven't heard anything better. show them how great jazz and jam and funky stuff is. my friend used to be a punk; all he listened to was anti-flag and that crap. he's a drummer. as soon as he heard jam bands and jazz he realized that the stuff he was listening to wasn't where it's at; now me and him play jazz all the time together.
  3. Yeah i know what ya mean. SOme guy at worked asked me to jam with thier band. Thier style was some what like errrrr Mudvayne and Disturbed. I figured id have a chance to jam again finally. So they play thier songs and i just writing a bass line to it. It was kinda funky in the background, but not to overbaring, and it worked!!! Two style that are nothing alike put together. Wel they were blown away. I actually wished we recorded it, becasue it was so wierd how it worked. I guess it shows a little creativity goes a long way, or something like that

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