Band Swap Extreme Extravaganza!

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  1. Ok guys so here's the story. A couple months ago a friend of mine, who also happened to be my first bass teacher, proposed an idea over Facebook to all of his friends.

    The idea was to invite musicians from the area and surrounding communities to participate in a "band swap". I realize this is probably not the only time this has happened, but I thought I would share a little bit of my experience.

    All players who chose to participate would have their names entered into a pool and drawn randomly to form new bands for a one time show with proceeds going to a charity.

    Now obviously it would be difficult to make complete bands with a disproportionate amount of certain instruments, like 3 drummers but maybe 30 guitar players. The really cool thing is that out of the 60 or so people who wanted to participate, we actually ended up with a useable amount of each instrument, and now have 10 complete bands.

    After the bands were made it was totally up to those groups to choose songs, and even rehearse if they wanted. The idea was to throw caution to the wind and just have some fun, but it sounds like from what I've heard, that quite a few of the bands have gotten together to at least jam out some of the songs they picked.

    A fun aspect for me is that my wife is also participating as a vocalist and keys player. We play together in a band, but one of the conditions of the swap is that you weren't allowed to be in a band with someone you had previously been in a band with.

    Today we both travelled about an hour and a half out of town to meet our respective band mates and jam out some tunes.

    My band chose to do the following songs...

    Panic Station - Muse
    Aeroplane - RHCP
    Sick Sad Little World - Incubus
    You Got Me - Crash Kings
    My God Is The Sun - QOTSA

    Funny thing is, the other members of the band chose the first two (which I was totally stoked about) and so I let them choose the rest as well, which I wasn't as familiar with, but now I really dig them too!

    The jam today went super well! I had been working on the songs all week and had a pretty good handle on them. Guitar player even turned to me after the 2nd tune and said "It's been a while since I played with a real bass player"

    The event takes place next Friday and Saturday night, with each band getting a max of 30 minutes.

    It's been really awesome to see the playing community get together to support and participate with each other like this. A lot of people are offering their gear as backline, and like I said all the proceeds from cover are going toward a local charity... Which I believe is an animal shelter.

    I'm very much looking forward to next weekend, I'll let you guys know how it goes.
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    Sound a like a lot of fun, super cool!