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Band trailer full of gear gone -- Seattle, WA

Discussion in 'Lost & Stolen Gear' started by henryjurstin13, Jul 19, 2007.

  1. My band, Starroy, was recently out on a NW Tour... while in Seattle, WA our entire rig was stolen -- 6x10 Pace Trailer, Gear, PA, Lighting, Merchandise, and personal luggage. We woke up on Friday the 13th (and no, I'm not making that part up) in Kenmore, WA (Lake Forest Park area) to realize our trailer full of gear was gone --- approximate loss $40,000.

    If you are anywhere close to Seattle/Tacoma & you would like to help us look for our gear, email me & I'll send you a complete list with as many descriptions/serial numbers as possible.

    E-mail: justinhenry@bpsnetworks.com or starroy@starroy.com

    Thanks so much for the help.

    justin henry
  2. brothernewt

    brothernewt Some people call me the stormtrooper of love...

    Apr 13, 2004
    Happyrock, OR
    You should post the list here... many of us check local craigslist ads pretty regularly and your gear will likely show up there.
  3. sorry about the lost,,,hope it is recovered soon...the more info posted here ,the more eyes you will have looking for it !!!!!:ninja: :ninja: :ninja: :ninja:
  4. Here ya go, a list of missing gear --- pay no attention to pricing, as it's obvious not all of it is correct.


    Model: Make: Serial:
    Guitar 1: Les Paul 70's Gibson Les Paul Goldtop (Gold in Color) $5000
    Guitar 2: Les Paul 90's Gibson Les Paul Tobacco Burst (Dark Sunburst in Color) $2000 #03192387
    Guitar 3: Les Paul 90's Gibson Les Paul Double Cut TV Yellow $1400
    Amplifier 1: 93 Matchless HC30 Amplifier (Green Amplifier Head In Black Road Case) $2800
    HC-30 Head, Green, clear handle (serial number: M5804..tranny date: 11-3-97...mint condition)

    Amplifier 2: Fender Blues Junior Relic Tweed Limited Edition (1x12 Cannabis Rex Speaker) $600 #206903
    Guitar Cabinet 1: Fender Tone Master 4x12 Fender Guitar Speaker Enclosure (Blonde Tolex Blonde $500 Grill)
    Guitar Cabinet 2: Matchless 2x10 Guitar Speaker Enclosure $600
    Matchless 2x10 speaker cabinet, Green with stock speakers (Serial Number: B092794...meaning it was built on Sept.27,1994...Ex+ condition)

    Road Case 1: Matchless HC30 Road Case (Brand: XCASE Custom Case w/Foam Lining) $300
    Road Case 2: Matchless 2x10 Road Case (Brand: XCASE Custom Case w/Foam Lining) $300

    Model Make:
    Pedal 1 PeadalBoard: Pedaltrain Pedal Road Case $200
    Pedal 2 Visual Sound Jekyll & Hyde (Color:Red) $140 (694336000010) -- has clear packing tape over battery cover
    Pedal 3 Moolon Fuzz serial #11064502, model # FD2214
    Pedal 4 Boss TU-2 Tuner (White) $100
    Pedal 5 Line 6 Delay (Green) $250
    Pedal 6 Qtron Envelope Filter $175
    Pedal 7 Phase 90 Phase (Orange) $100
    Power Supply: Fuhrman Power Factor Pro $379 Serial # 011753001917
    Road Case: Marked Starroy Stencil'd (Possible Deminsions: 14x14x14)
    Power Supply 1: Visual Sound One Spot Pack $40
    Power Supply 2: Visual Sound One Spot Pack $40

    PA GEAR:
    Model: Make:
    Speaker 1: Mackie SA1232 #1 (Black Enclosure Silver Grill) $1699
    Speaker 2: Mackie SA1232 #2 (Black Enclosure Silver Grill) $1699
    Speaker 3: Mackie SRM450 #1 $699
    Speaker 4: Mackie SRM450 #2 $699
    Speaker 5: Mackie SRM450 #3 $699
    Speaker 6: Mackie SRM450 #4 $699
    Speaker 7: Mackie SRM450 #5 $699
    Speaker 8: Mackie SWA1801Z #1 (Subwoofer Enclosure) $1299
    Speaker 9: Mackie SWA1801Z #2 (Subwoofer Enclosure) $1299
    Board: Mackie Vlz Pro 1402 (Mixer) SERIAL:(21)bt133156 $399
    Board: Mackie Onyx 1640 (Mixer) SERIAL:(21)js21422 $1279
    Road Case: SKB Road Case for Mackie 1402 VLZ Pro $50

    Model: Make:
    Microphone Case: Silver Audix Mic Case $699
    Microphone 1 AKG: E906 $199
    Microphone 1 AKG: E609 $109
    Microphone 2 Shure SM57 $110
    Microphone 3 Shure SM58 $110
    Microphone 4 Shure SM58 $110
    Microphone 5 Shure SM58 $110
    Microphone 6 Audix i5 $110
    Microphone 7 Audix D2 $100
    Microphone 8 Audix D2 $100
    Microphone 9 Audix D4 $110
    Microphone 10 Audix D6 $199
    Microphone 11 Joe Meek Pencil COndenser JM27 $50
    Microphone 12 Joe Meek Pencil Condenser JM27 $50

    16 Power Cables 18AWG PO3-3
    40 XLR Microphone Cables
    1 mini RCA cables $5
    cables stored in Milwaukee Tool Bag (Red & Black bag)

    Martin Intelligent Lighting 1: SCX500 $365
    Martin Intelligent Lighting 2: SCX500 $365
    Martin Intelligent Lighting 3: SCX500 $365
    Martin Intelligent Lighting 4: SCX500 $365
    Road Case: ROAD READY Road Case $125
    Road Case: ROAD READY Road Case $125

    2 Speaker Stands (Black Tripod Adjustable Speaker Stands)
    2 Guitar Stands (5 Guitars per Stand)
    Rockstand Stand 1
    Rockstand Stand 2
    Microphone Stand $65
    (Round Base w/Boom Extenstion)
    Microphone Stand $55
    (Heavy Short Boom Stand)
    Microphone Stand $50
    (Tripod Short Boom Stand)

    Amplifier 1: AMPEG SVT Classic (SERIAL:#(21)bjndt20167) $1600
    Road Case 1: Ampeg SVT Classic Road Case (Brand: XCASE Custom Case w/Foam Lining) $300

    Amplifier Cabinet: Ampeg SVT Classic 8x10E $1000
    Ampeg cabinet cover by LeCover for 8x10 $100
    Bass 1: Fender Highway One Jazz Bass (American-made, Sunburst Color, with tortoise pickguard) $800 #Z6242580
    Bass Case #1 for Fender Bass, Case Brand SKB $100 (including cloths, Gerber tool, string winder, strings, and pics)
    Planet Waves Guitar Strap attached to Fender bass $40 2.5" Brown Blasted Leather 25VN01-DX
    Bass 2: DiPinto Belvedere Standard Bass (Gold color) $600 (no pickguard, and had BackBeat Music dealer sticker on back of headstock)
    Bass Case #2 for DiPinto Bass (Ibanez brand case) $100
    Planet Waves Strap for DiPinto bass $40 WSTRN STICH, BROWN LTH01
    Aplifier #2: Kustom Groove Bass 1200HD $600
    4-space rack case for Kustom GB1200HD $100

    PedalTrain Pedalboard with HARD CASE (original size) $200
    Pedaltrain Pedalboard PRO with HARD CASE $300

    Loop-Master CUSTOM-BUILT Seven Loop with Tuner Out & Master Bypass Looper $250 (Serial N/A)
    Loop-Master Pedalboard Patcher $50 (Serial N/A)
    Cables -- custom-built speaker, instrument, patch, and power cables/extension cords $500

    Korg DT-10 Tuner (Red Sharpie line above Output jack)
    Ibanez TS9DX Tube Screamer $110
    Fulltone Fat-Boost $120 Serial Serial #4210
    Fulltone Bass-Drive (mosfet edition) $180 Serial #111
    MXR "EVH" Phaser $110 Serial # AA73E343
    Boss DD-20 Delay $220 ( 0823499 Serial # (21) AS22103 )
    Emma Discumbobulator $200 Serial # N/A -- purchased without serial number, still have box/receipt that states Serial N/A
    Visual Sound One Spot Power Supply & Daisy Chain (3 complete units) $100

    Fender (Harmonica) Briefcase, Black with White Piping and Red interior containing tools (Gerber), tuner (Korg GT-12 $100), strings, pics, slides, etc. $200

    NorthFace (Dark Green/Black) backpack with cables, straps, power supplies, adapters, connectors. $200

    Delsey Luggage (black, rolling bag) with 5 pairs of pants, 6 shirts, boxer shorts, socks, flip flops, red Laundry bag $400


    Pearl Export/Vision Series kit $2200

    SKB TPK1 Hardware Case S#8985006000 $400
    SKB 22"x18" S#4619229000 $230
    SKB 16"x16" S#8579911000 $190
    SKB 14"x12" S#2037590000 $170
    SKB 10"x9" S#2357634000 $150
    SKB 14"x5" S#9819317000 $150

    Humes & Burg Hardware Case $80
    Tuxedo 22"x18" $180
    Tuxedo 16"x16" $150
    Tuxedo 14"x12" $140
    Tuxedo 10"x10" $120
    Tuxedo 14"x5" $120

    Zildjain Cymbal Bag $ 100
    20" K Brilliant Ride S#8536071000 $350
    20" K Brilliant Ride $350
    22" A Custom Ride $ 300
    22" A Custom China-Boy $300
    17" K Dark Crash S#2811953000 $279
    16" A Custom Crash $160
    12" A Custom Splash S#8812255000 $179
    11" K Custom Hybrid Splash $ 160
    14" A Custom Mastersound Hi-hats S# 9242506000 $330

    1 Pearl Brass Sensitone Snare Drum $350
    1 Pearl Snare Stand $120
    1 Pearl Rack (3-pieces) $300
    2 Pearl Cymbal Clap-arms $45
    2 peral Cymbal Attatchment arms (FOR RACK) $65
    1 Rock N' Sock Throne w/ Back $279
    1 Zildjain Stick Bag $35
    1 DW Hi-Hat Stand $250
    1 Pearl Eliminator kick pedal $150
    6 pairs pro-mark Drum sticks $8
    1 pair Ralph hardimans drum sticks $ priceless....

    EST PRICE: $8,200-$8,500
  5. joelb79


    Mar 22, 2006
    Lansing, Michigan
    Holy crap those scumbags. Are you guys still able to finish out your dates listed on your site or did they shut you down as well?
  6. bburk


    Jul 24, 2006
    Seattle, WA

    ouch... I'm sorry man. I'll keep my eyes open for ya!
  7. We have a few odds & ends around, plus the hometown is pulling through for us with benefits... gear is being loaned to us & we're gonna keep jammin. We only had to cancel about 4 gigs. Although it's still a financial loss to cancel gigs, it was in our best interest with our gear.
  8. Man, I feel sick reading that list - and I am on the other side of the world!!!!
    Will keep an eye on Aussie Ebay for you - just in case.
  9. envika


    Nov 27, 2007
    Bronx, NY
    that's horrible! my dad absolutely refuses to leave any gear in his car, even in the trunk. one time he brought four guitars into a restaurant just so he could keep an eye on them. but i guess a band-trailer full of gear can't get the same treatment. that's some nice equipment though, too bad...

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