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Band Transmutation!

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous [BG]' started by Brad Barker, Jun 2, 2002.

  1. Brad Barker

    Brad Barker

    Apr 13, 2001
    berkeley, ca
    well...here's a history of "my" band:

    *all dates are approximate*

    1 year "Before Me": matt, brett, jared, nick, and ?? formed a band named Jeebus (as in the joke from the simpsons)

    9 months "BM" : ?? (vocals) leaves band. is eventually replaced by bryce. name changes to XeroHour

    6 months BM: nick (bass) quits. Xerohour practices without a bass player for quite some time...

    Brad joins: i audition the band (yes, i typed it correctly!) and join

    2 months "After Me": we play our first (and so far only) show

    3 months AM: bryce is kicked out

    5 months AM: all parties agree to allow jared (guitar) to pursue his other project, Unkept. brett, matt, and i change the band's name from XeroHour to Syzygy (my idea! we have a kick ass logo, too!).

    there was a huge amount of tension between jared and matt for the longest time. and we all were really feeling the pull. we just couldn't really get anything done. we couldn't agree on anything either. i was always yelling at either jared or brett (guitar players...yeesh) to stop fiddle-f'ing around...just general unhappiness. we would only play together once a week for like the past two months.

    then matt called me yesterday and told me that he just couldn't handle jared in the band anymore. it was well known that he had his other band and that he seemed to practice with them more...so i eventually gave matt the go-ahead to tell jared to have fun with them full-time.

    we had our first practice as a three piece (well, we want a singer...but i'll save that for a future post when we finally get one) yesterday. and it felt GREAT. with XeroHour, we had about 14 original songs completed (half with lyrics and vocals). now, since we agreed not to use jared's material, we have like 5 or 6 at most. we also finally got around making a song that i had done for months! it took us about an hour to fully think it through, but it was very productive and easy working with only brett and matt. turns out that my song is one of our best! (my song count: 2).

    lesson learned in book "Who Moved My Cheese?": constantly sense for a situation that is only going to get worse, than fix it quick!

    change is good!

    (but what are gonna do with out XeroHour shirts?)