Bands Who Stay True to Themselves

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  1. Before we go a step further, I want to say real fast this is not a thread to bash any artists you feel "sold out" or otherwise didn't stay true to themselves. People grow and change and I think the vast majority of artists' and musicians' style is constantly evolving and that's honestly wonderful. Growth and experimentation are incredibly important aspects of art.

    Now, the theme of this thread is bands who always maintained a characteristic sound. Musicians that over a decade or more of history have always managed to sound exactly like themselves.

    For me, the greatest example is one of my old favorite bands: Seether. They were the first band I really felt a connection with back in highschool where one musical group seemed to glean together all the different musical and artistic aspects I personally enjoy and bring them into one cohesive group. And even though I've grown into liking slightly different things more over the years, whenever I listen to Seether, their new stuff especially, I'm struck by how remarkably like themselves they still sound when it seems like almost every other band I enjoyed has changed significantly.

    Here are the examples and evidence:

    2002 - Disclaimer album

    Gasoline - Their heavy, angsty, metal-influenced sound

    Sympathetic - Their softer, introspective side

    2007 - Finding Beauty in Negative Spaces album, 10 years ago

    FMLYHM - heavy and angry

    Waste - soft and soul-bearing

    2014 - Isolate and Medicate, the first album I felt was a little different

    Words as Weapons - The lead single felt very different at first, but gradually I realized it was just some production methods and quality difference and their same sound composition and lyric-wise was still there.

    Suffer it All - Very metal and a return to their roots

    Save Today - A little different production-wise again, but still very much their typical softer sound. Also, beautiful but with a hilarious video.

    2017 - Poison the Parish, this year and mind-blowingly unaffected by current trends

    Betray and Degrade - I very nearly lost my s--- when I heard and saw this. Let you Down, which was released first was good, but this brought me back to highschool, fanboying hard for this band.

    I'll Survive - And then there's this which feels exactly like songs like The Gift or Tongue from their 2005 album, Karma and Effect.
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    Perhaps ancient history......................The Ramones. They always stayed true to themselves!
    Last show!!!!!

    The Trashmen

    The Surfaries

    Dick Dale
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  3. I feel like those sort of garage-esque (punk-rock, diy-rock, etc) acts are most likely to stay true to themselves regardless of time or fame because for them it was never about anything besides their craft. I dig it.
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    It's tough to say this. I am 52. My views have changed a LOT since I was 18. I am sure Mr. Jagger's have as well. Never mind music is their profession. If music was paying my mortgage, and my managers told me if I made some changes it would help my income, I sure as #_-&[email protected] would listen and consider my options.
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    RUSH was pushed hard to change to please the masses and sell records, but they did what they wanted to do. I'm sure in the early days that was a huge temptation... to chase the money. They probably would have been one hit wonders had they not stuck to their guns. They also didn't go crazy ripping and rooting on tour or Ozzify their brains with drugs, booze and sex.
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  6. I've been in the same band for 17 years. I think we've gotten better as songwriters and in some ways changed for example I don't play as flashy as I used to. But I think part of that is I have more respect for the ability to write a great song and less respect for flashy playing because over the years im seeing great songs become timeless and flashy playing being performed more and more by tons of people on YouTube who can't even find a band to play with. Flashy playing was more impressive when everyone and their mother wasn't proving that with a little practice anyone can pull of anything.
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    Jethro Tull is my favorite band even though I hate everything they did post late 70s. But as awful as their music got after that, it's still undeniably Jethro Tull.
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    Slayer and Funkadelic
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    Out there!

    Steve Hackett.

    Steve Morse.

    Chick Corea.

    Flora Purim & Airto Moreira.

    Just off the top of my head. Many, many more out there more, too.
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    The Beatles changed a lot over eight short years. Nobody ever accused them of selling out.

    If a band's first and tenth album sounded the same, I'd find them boring and predictable.
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    The band that stayed true to themselves more than any other for me?

    The Grateful Dead
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    King's X. They wrote what they wanted and didn't really care how many albums they sold. But most of it is really good, particularly Gretchen Goes To Nebraska, Dogman, and XV.
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    This is one of those times I'm happy to be an amateur. I can play a different genre every night and there's nobody to tell me I'm doing it wrong.

    Lots of musicians play more than one kind of music. Some bands stay very consistent, some bands don't. Getting bored and wanting some variety is a normal human thing.

    No question that bands have changed for commercial reasons. (Fine by me--anyone putting together a living out of music has my respect.) But I'd bet anything that the more common commercial pressure is in the other direction--feeling forced to play more of the same music when they'd rather move on.
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    I think a lot of that is because of his unique voice. (And I like Tull!)
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    I love The Dead but there are some who listened to Shakedown Street and may disagree with you! :)
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    As far as current bands go, I would say Radiohead.
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    One of their best albums!
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  18. To add fuel to fire when it comes to people who seem as opposed to bands retaining their character and identity through a career as they believe anyone who likes that must be to growth and experimentation, here's two more examples of wonderful bands who thankfully never changed.

    Stoner/desert-rock superheroes and all around cool-dudes Fu Manchu

    20 years ago - The Action is Go

    3 years ago, but most recent - Gigantoid

    Never lost their fuzzed-out rocking fun sound. Great stuff to drive fast or board to.

    And perhaps the grandaddy of keeping it real and never giving an inch on their principles Shellac

    23 years ago - At Action Park

    20 years after that - Dude Incredible

    Steve Albini (the frontman) is really an idol for anyone who A) cares about music more deeply than a way to make money, B) cares about their artistic freedom, and C) gives absolutely no regard for the popular trends and just wants to rock some quality music.
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    a lot of band that touch popularity will have a change ... Metallica with the black album and load/reload ... Dream Theater's Fall From Infinity etc are just some easy exemple. Those album are quite more pop and easy to digest than the rest of their discographie.

    RHCP did the oposite in a way ... when they made One Hot Minute, way more over the top than what they used to do...
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