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    Tone and Sustain with “Plug and Play” Performance

    "Parallel compression" is the solution; a Barber© innovation that is more natural than dealing with attack, ratio and release knobs.
    A unique, continuous “blend control” circuit combined it with a discrete “Class A” FET mixer.
    Allows continuous blending of the natural signal with a “phase-corrected” classic compression circuit.
    Unaltered attack with supernatural sustain and resonance.

    The blend control offers 100% dry to 100% compression mix, so you are not limited to only "50/50" (half blend).
    Some of the best parallel compression sounds are achieved with very high sustain settings and more than 50% dry-blend.
    There's little point to a parallel compressor than can only take you half way there!

    2 additional toggles: one for "Speed", which adds a new "fast" mode; perfect for percussive playing without loss of attack.

    There is also a "Brilliance" toggle which adds a very subtle and polished sheen to the treble frequencies.

    In mint condition: cosmetic and functional.
    $125 include USPS Priority shipping with original box.

    PayPal's OK but no embarrassing low-ball offers or trades please.

    Tone Press.jpg
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  2. 3rdBass

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    Purchased a couple of months ago. Fully tested but never gigged.
    I've tried them all and this was the very best.
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