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    So I have a 1972 Ampeg SVT that I have been searching for the right cab for a long time. I simply don't have the capability to lug a 8x10 around but whenever we would get a sealed 8x10 in backline, I would again realize just what I was missing.

    I have tried Ampeg and other makers (swr and bergantino) 4x10s, 2x 4x10, 2x sealed 4x10s, svt 610hlf and just could never get that sound. I felt like every option was very muddy and lacking definition.

    Then last week, Barefaced Audio delivered my brand new 69er. 6x10, light as a feather for what it is (24kg /53 lbs), tilt back casters, and just perfect. I haven't been this happy with a cab ever. I think it's louder than an Ampeg 810 at 102db sensitive and nearly a 1/3rd as heavy. I also couldn't get my svt past 9pm though blowing the doors off the place and we play pretty loud. My bandmates were totally blown away. And the arguments about how I really should be able to lug around an 810 finally quieted down.

    I can't believe how happy I am with it.

    Thank you Alex. My search is finally over. Now does anyone need any bass cabs. I have some extras on hand!
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    No pics no cab.