SOLD Barefaced Big Baby 2 (BB2) Gen 3

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    Jan 9, 2013
    Bethlehem, PA
    I am reluctantly selling my BB2 for $1100.00 shipped CONUS
    It includes the Barefaced cover.
    I bought it new, Sept 2015, for $1260 which also includes the import costs.
    Never left my non smoking studio except for one time to see how well it fit into my car's trunk.
    Fantastic cabinet.
    I was slammed with nasty car repair bills for 3 cars since I bought it.

    Barefaced Bass - Big Baby 2

    Only 29 lbs

    Who is this for?
    Any bassist that REALLY wants to hear their true tone - all the character of their bass and amp and exactly what they're doing with their hands. Bassists who enjoys the clarity and punch of a great tweetered 2x10" but are frustrated at how loud they can play or how much bass they can put out. Anyone using a good 2x12" or 4x10" but wanting deeper cleaner lows and more accurate mids and treble without any loss of loudness. Players who have enjoyed the benefits of a good biamped rig with an 18" on the bottom and want similar depth in the lows with a more coherent tone throughout.
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