SOLD Barefaced Big Baby II

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    Nov 5, 2005
    I'll start by saying that I REALLY don't want to sell this, but I just got word from my tax accountant that this year's payment is much higher than I anticipated, so I'm forced to liquidate this cab. Because I need the cash, no trades on this one.

    Big Baby II that I got from these classifieds last October: SOLD - Barefaced BB2
    This one is in excellent condition, but in the interest of full disclosure, during shipping from the previous owner to me, it must have been set down hard, because there was a crack that developed above the right front foot in the port. I epoxied it and reset it, and now it's as strong as the wood, if not more so. It's really a non-issue now, but I want the buyer to have no surprises. It also has some rubber amplifier feet marks on the top from the previous owner (pictured), but the rest of the cab is clean. None of this affects the sound quality whatsoever; sounds tremendous, and you can read all about why you should have one here: Barefaced Bass - Big Baby 2
    Also includes custom cover (pictured). Barefaced are now getting $1055 new for these, along with the import fee and the multi-week wait. Because of the small repair, I'll let this one go for $775 + actual shipping (or free local pickup/delivery in MA).

    IMG_2598.jpg IMG_2597.jpg IMG_2599.jpg IMG_2600.jpg IMG_2601.jpg IMG_2603.jpg IMG_2602.jpg

    SOLD First up is a mint One10 that I got brand new last December. It has never left my house. I've only used it for practicing, maybe just long enough for it to be broken in. For all specs, go here: Barefaced Bass - One 10

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    Wow, BB2's don't pop up for sale very often. I got a great price for buying my first one in an in person deal and this one is even less than I paid. If you're local and at all curious about a Barefaced, this is a good deal.
  3. grbassist


    Mar 26, 2018
    I just got one and want a second.
    Please message me
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