Barefaced Owners: What Genres Do You Play?

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  1. batflash


    May 11, 2020
    Barefaced Super Compact & Super Twin owners, what genres and size venues are you using your cab in? I'm finding a lot of people post their thoughts on gear, but aren't really posting what genre or application they use it in.

    I'm looking a Barefaced for my eclectic heavy / stoner rock band as one of two guitarists/bassists/guitaristswithabassproblem. Note that I play guitar supported with a sub octave and switchover to bass duties using a HOG2.

    Just need help on choosing the Super Twin or Super Compact. We'd be playing small(big bars) to medium venues(large clubs).

    Note: I'm sold on Barefaced. Just need help with choosing the right one.

    You can hear some of our stuff on IG @sirenintheatrium for reference. I'm the taller guitar player on the left. This is not a plug, just an attempt at finding the right sized cab.

    Thanks everyone!
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  2. I have a both a Super Compact and a Big Twin II. The Big Twin II is overkill in most places I play but it's always better to have too much cab rather than not enough. Ever since I got a Super Compact, I mostly have been using the SC rather than the BT2, simply for convenience. There's one place I've been playing where load in/out can either be hand-carry equipment up and down a single flight of stairs right next to the street OR make a two-hundred-yard detour to the back of the building to pull everything up a ramp with no stairs. The SC is my go-to cab here for the time-savings.

    But without a high-frequency horn, the SC might not be perfect for everything. If you haven't already done so, I highly recommend that you send email to Alex Claber at Barefaced and ask his opinion. He has an uncanny ability to get you the right cab for YOU, even though you might not realize it at first.
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  3. batflash


    May 11, 2020
    So, what kind of music do you play?

    I've started a dialog with him, and he's been very prompt with getting back. His answers are rather short and lacking in depth though. However, I realize I'm very wordy and my request is a bit odd considering what I'm using the cab for.

    Typically bass go herrrre and guitar goes therrrre. Heh heh.

    I had originally suggested using a guitar cab and bass cab and blending them or using a crossover set somewhere between 600hz and 1khz. That way I have the sparkle and natural roll off of the guitar speaker and the bottom end of the bass cab. However this makes my rig larger than what I'm aiming for, buuuut it makes my Mid/mid-high content modular and easy to direct.
  4. I play different music with different groups. Some original fusion, funk, and jazz with one group; with another, a lot of cover tunes with a female singer. I also play EUB, sometimes for a few tunes, occasionally for an entire gig or session.

    The Barefaced cabs are basically FRFR. Whatever you put in will be reproduced with great dispersion and clarity. So in my view, your bass, strings, and amp will be the most important factors here, not the cab. A guitarist friend of mine has a recording studio in his house. We've played a lot of two-hour sessions there, using his equipment because it's all set up and DI'ed, a plug-and-play environment. It's not always the same personnel. So one day a few months ago, I took my EUB, Super Compact (small footprint) and Mesa D800 to his studio for a session. There was a second guitarist there that day, a guy with whom I had played several times there in the past, but on BG. He said, "Oh, my gosh, now I can really hear what you're playing; I couldn't hear you this clearly in the sessions before." It was because of the great dispersion and sound reproduction of the Super Compact. Because of space limitations (I set up next to the already set-up bass equipment stack), I had to stand next to rather than in front of my gear, but I could hear the bass much better through my rig than through the gear that we usually use.
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  5. DrGDP


    Sep 25, 2016
    Grand Canyon State
    I agree completely with P_Robyn, I also play EUB w SC and feel I get a great flat headphone type sound, no coloration.
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  6. batflash


    May 11, 2020
    I'm still hesitant on what to pick up from them. Curious if the top end on the tweeterless cabs shine like a guitar speaker can.

  7. DrGDP


    Sep 25, 2016
    Grand Canyon State
    If you want that tweeter twinkle, get a tweeter. I play flats, and the SC rolls off on the highs just like flats would sound through a tweeter cab (which I personally don't need or like), so the SC is perfect for me (plus it's flat response as I don't want anything added to or subtracted from my bass output), but perhaps not for you as I think you will need the tweeter (or horn as the case may be) - maybe the BB2 would be better to your liking.
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  8. batflash


    May 11, 2020
    Typically guitar speakers are rolling off around 5 to 6khz. A Tweeter would end up making overdrives ans distortions sound harsh. However, some speakers roll off too much making things sound dull.

  9. DrGDP


    Sep 25, 2016
    Grand Canyon State
    The SC is supposed to roll off around 4K. It has had some clever engineering with the dust cap's shape, and it appears to be attached not to the woofer itself but to the voice coil tube, which I would imagine has something to do with extending the range and dispersion of the higher frequencies of the 12 inch driver. In any case, my strings are pretty petered out by the time 4K rolls around so it works great for me. I think new round wounds will have some info above 4K that you may want. Alex has some very recent demos of the 10 no tweet, 12 no tweet, and 12 with tweet that he has done on YouTube with some different strings that I think would be very useful for you to watch and may help you decide! And the BF tweeter cabs are not supposed to be a harsh sounding tweeter, more of a some type of horn I believe (except for the SM which has a conventional cone tweeter), but I haven't honestly paid much attention to them as my interest was in a tweeter-less 12 inch cab with a flat response, which the SC fits the bill.
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  10. DrGDP


    Sep 25, 2016
    Grand Canyon State
    FYI, I play old school real book jazz stuff in a trio, small venues seating size 100-200 or so just guessing. We are old and we don't play too loud! But the SC can get loud if you need it and have the horsepower to drive it.
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  11. socialleper

    socialleper Bringer of doom and top shelf beer Supporting Member

    May 31, 2009
    Canyon Country, CA
    Super Twin and Big Twin. I wanted that SVT power without all the BS that goes along with those monsters. Barefaced cabs are light, convenient, and work with whatever amp you connect to them.
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  12. batflash


    May 11, 2020
    I appreciate the responses guys.
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  13. chris_b


    Jun 2, 2007
    I play everything except Metal, Jazz and Classical. For a few years I was using 2 SC's, then I replaced an SC with a Super Midget. A great tone got even better. I then bought a BB2 which I could only run with the SM for 2 gigs before the lockdown. Only 2 gigs but my 5 string Jazz bass now sounds huge. I'm a bit of an old Soul man, trying to keep up with bass developments in the 21st century, but I mainly use the BB2/SM with my Jazz and the SC does sound special with my P bass.
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  14. Dp1363

    Dp1363 Supporting Member

    Jan 8, 2011
    South Jersey US
    I play classic rock and covers and use two BB2’s for medium sized bars to larger venues. I use one BB2 in a small club.
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    Jul 23, 2020
    Lewisville, NC
    I try to play the first 10 pages of "Electric Bass Composite". As a newbee (again) I am working on it. (^:
  16. Raf Seibert

    Raf Seibert

    Dec 16, 2013
    So, you want a bass cabinet which can twinkle in the upper frequencies like a guitar speaker can?
  17. batflash


    May 11, 2020
    I do! I do!

    I ended up purchasing a Barefaced SuperTwin. It's not as chimey as I had hoped. I'm going between coupling it with a traditional guitar speaker or a QSC K8.2 using a LPF and Eq to shape the top end and mid range and a HPF around 350hz to keep it sounding clean. I'll be honest, I should've picked up the BigTwin, though I had convinced myself that I was going to couple the super Twin with a guitar speaker to cover both duties.
  18. Sascha Erni

    Sascha Erni Making things go whoomp, whoomp since 1994 Supporting Member

    Out of interest, do you mean you play one Super Twin and one Big Twin at the same time, or either/or depending on what you feel like? If both, what sort of amp do you use, regarding impedance?
  19. daveman50

    daveman50 Supporting Member

    Feb 24, 2007
    Albany NY
    What genres do I play. Let's see... classic rock, pop covers, r&b, old school soul, funk, neo-soul, jazz-funk, old school jazz, country (classic & contemporary), using a variety of electric basses and an upright. (I do not play: metal, doom, or electronica-type.) My Super Compact covers it all like a champ. It seems to play better with a solid state amp, YMMV. Great flexibilty is the hallmark of this cabinet. The driver is magic. Enough top end to manage everything I want to do. The rest of the sound is in the strings, the bass, the fx, and (as always) your hands. Peace out!

    edit p.s.: usual venues are (were) bars and small clubs; for larger venues I'd use more cabs or PA support. Such as, for an outdoor rock gig, I'd usually go to the Sunn 215; for something more subtle, I'd add another 12 to the BF (such as a generic 12/6). If I could afford it, I'd get a larger BF, but I already have a lot of cabs and can mix and match pretty well.
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  20. socialleper

    socialleper Bringer of doom and top shelf beer Supporting Member

    May 31, 2009
    Canyon Country, CA
    I currently own both, and have actually played them both together once.
    I had purchased the Super Twin about 4 years ago, thinking I didn't need the tweeter. I changed genres and decided I wanted the Big Twin. There is a small, but noticeable difference in the tone between the two. I am trying (not too hard) to sell the Super Twin.
    I have a Mesa D800 and a Darkglass MT900 V2. Both are capable of 2ohms.
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