SOLD Barefaced Super Compact cab with Cover - mint!

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  1. CJL

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    Aug 21, 2012
    Seller no my mint condition Barefaced Super Compact Cabinet with the matching cover. This cabinet is in mint condition and has no issues at all. I have a SM that I will be keeping along with another barefaced cab, so this one is the odd cab out and must go. I have personally gigged this cab 2 times and it has been in my room with the cover on it since then. I am the second owner and the prior owner didn’t really use it either.

    The cabinet is the one in the bottom in the attached photos.

    Details about the cab are in the attached link: Barefaced Bass - Super Compact

    Asking $800 shipped CONUS which is a substantial savings off of a new cab, and you can get it now instead of having to get on a waiting list.

    Thanks for looking!!

    A56079FE-D0E0-484E-8CF0-D964EF1D5FC3.png B118D7E0-7CEA-4E5C-AD0B-CF2EC40AA25B.jpeg
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