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Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by TitchM, Feb 16, 2002.

  1. Hey all. Well, Im wondering what you guys think. I walked into the local music store and was lookin around the bass section when I came across, what I think, to be a little gem. I found a Fender Percussion Bass (Made In Japan), P/J config., rosewood fretboard, brass machine heads, all in good nick. It looks like its been around the block once (or twice) but I checked it thoro, the tone was pretty good, and all was in good workin order. The price was damn good aswell..being a student, and admittedly, skint, Im lookin for a good buy. What do you, the viewer, say? Are "Made In Japan" Fenders of any quality? Lemme know what you all think. Cheers..
  2. I have been looking for just such a bass for a few months now and can't touch one for under 250$ US here. Look on ebay to get an idea of what they go for, although i tend to find ebay stuff goes for about 10-20% above what I would call a good deal.
  3. Made in Japan Fenders are very good. Fender have never made a 'percussion' bass, though.

    And plated brass tuners went out in the 60s, I think.
  4. Yeah, sorry, I meant Precision Bass. Its sellin for £295 over here. Im seriously gaggin' to get into the store on Monday and put a deposit down. I'll check Ebay too, let you know..
  5. rickbass

    rickbass Supporting Member

    Just for your reference, Titch, a place that sells a lot of used Fenders in the States, Bass Palace, has a "mint" (they say) `87 "Made in Japan" Precis priced at $295US. So, I guess that's around 207 pounds.

    I would imagine used Fenders command a pretty good price in the UK, (just as used British gear does here).

    Bass Palace is no bargain barn but they're not way out of line either.
  6. I checked out eBay and that place you were talkin bout, rickbass. I cant say I'm a huge fan of eBay, but on first look, "the bass palace" dont look too bad.
    Fenders do come with a price tag over here. I've seen them vary from £196 to over £400 in some places (places where I woludnt buy a bass, incedentally..)

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