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    Apr 17, 2002 in a punk ska trio..if i used a tele with a 38 scale neck as my bass..then when he does he solo thing i could play some chords to fill up all the space that is gone...

    what do you think?
    the neck is going to be a warmoth neck.

    is this worht a do you think it will turn out...

    im goin to do it no matter atleast use in my screamo band....yum thats goin to be bada**

  2. I guess you meant 28-5/8" scale not 38"...

    I like the idea, and because the scale length of the warmoth baritone conversion neck is fairly long for a baritone, the tone should still be pretty tight. Plus you'll have 24 frets

    And while your at it why not also get one of their new paisley pickguards :D :D (or rather Aluminum checker which would look awesome imo)
  3. steve-o

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    Apr 17, 2002
    woopss i that is what i meant...

    this is going on my sunburst tele..and right now it has a orange pearliod gaurd on it..

  4. ok, an aluminum checker pickguard wouldn't look right on a sunburst tele (but on a black one... mmmh...)