Baritone Guitars

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  1. I was just wondering who out there plays baritone guitars, I obviously play bass mainly, and I can play a little guitar, i was wondering what you guys use baritones for and would it be worth investing in for me, not currently being in a band but looking to start one, thanks
  2. Most people just use baritone guitars for nu-metal.
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    May 3, 2002
    Wes Borland did, but for a completely different (and IMO better) take on the barritone, Pat Metheney has an album of solo acoustic baritone guitar. It's called "One Quiet Night," and it's quite lovely.
  4. I like the feel of a baritone in standard tuning cuz its scale is closer to the feel of a bass scale than a normal guitar. but considering that I lacked 200 dollars, I picked up a fat strat.