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Baron Browne/ Vital Information

Discussion in 'Bassists [BG]' started by jerry, May 3, 2002.

  1. jerry

    jerry Doesn't know BDO Gold Supporting Member

    Dec 13, 1999
    I picked up the new Vital Information C.D. "Show 'Em Where You Live" this week, and Baron Brown sounds killer on it...from the very Paul Jackson like groove of "Soul Principle" to a couple very nice solos on the songs "Sideways blues" & "The Blackhawk"....cool stuff:D
  2. Nino Valenti

    Nino Valenti Supporting Member Commercial User

    Feb 2, 2001
    Staten Island NYC
    Builder: Valenti Basses
    I saw Vital Information in NYC a few weeks ago & all I have to say is WOW!!!!! Incredible musicians & after the show, Barron was a really nice guy (so were Frank Gambale, Steve Smith & Keyboardist. Forgot his name) This was one of the BEST shows I've ever seen in my life!!!!!
  3. chucko58


    Jan 17, 2002
    Silicon Valley, CA, USA
    I paid for all my gear myself. Well, me and MasterCard.
    Saw 'em in Half Moon Bay CA a few weeks ago. Kick @$$ band! Friendly bunch too, I chatted with Tom Coster (keys) and Frank Gambale between sets. The only thing I said to Baron was "turn it up a bit, you're getting lost in the mix!" He did. :D

    It was my first exposure to Browne. He went from the traditional walking lines to the now-mandatory pop'n'slap solo and back again with ease. He holds down the groove with the best of them.

    And I don't think I need to say anything about Steve Smith's drumming. Well, one thing. WOW!

    See these guys if you get the chance - they smoke!