Barrie Masters, Eddie and the Hotrods vocalist, RIP

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    Eddie and the Hot Rods frontman Barrie Masters dies aged 63

    I’m sure there won’t be many here who know of the band, but they were, more or less, the tipping point between UK ‘pub rock’ and early punk. They were a little more youthful, flashy, and less tradition bound than the other pub bands, but not as angry or confrontational as the punks that immediately followed them. But they had a lot of energy, and while they might have been just a blip on the radar, they left behind that one killer song...

    They had a few other moments, generally got lumped in with new wave/power pop in America, and it quickly came to an end. In another obit, there was a recent photo of him on stage, and he looked like he was 80. Very sad. Along with the ‘monsters of rock’ that will be fading shortly, there’s all those runners up and cult favorites whose passing, often way too soon, will mark the passing of time. Ian Hunter, at 80, just announced the curtailment of the Mott ‘74 tour as tinnitus has finally got the best of him. Otherwise, he was still looking good and going strong.
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