Bart 3 coil ?'s

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  1. I posted also in the PUP forum but I need qucik help! Does anyone know the schematics for wiring the Bart 3 coil MM pup. I bought one that did not have the lead wires attached. The Bart web-site seems worthless and I cant call anyone!

    thanks for any info
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    Oct 14, 2002
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    I answered your other post.
    fyi, double posting is considered a no-no on TB
  3. I had it posted in 3 other forums if thats what mean? I guess someone took them out of the other forums and double posted it here. No big deal I didnt know the rules completely, no disrespect to the forum! I did go before to the Bart web site and that only shows what wires to connect from the PUP to the control cavity, but not how to connect to a PUP that doesnt have the lead wires on it, which mine do not.

    thank you very much anyway!
  4. My bad again Dave! I dont know why when I go to the bart web-site I dont see this document link? Does Bart have an old web-site that I keep hooking up to?

    Anyway thanks again!