Bart BC sized pickups: another "Which one?" thread

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  1. So I've got a 20+ year old handmade by a local luthier bass. Bubinga body with a wenge neck.

    It had an old 2 band Bart TBT preamp and Bart DC sized pups.
    I always found it a little "mellow/dark" sounding.
    Talking to beatbassgear, (awesome customer service and quick communication!) the old pickups are likely more akin to their current "Original" or "deep tone" style pups,

    Recently, I switched out the preamp for a BassMods 3 band with an active/passive switch.
    Helped me get some tonal range for sure, but still not hearing what I want out of it.

    I have a jazz bass, so I've got the single coil sound, and more "classic/old school" that it provides.

    But I'm looking for a modern, punchy, even aggressive sound from this. A hard rock to heavy metal bass.
    And yes, I've tried various strings.

    So my choices for the DC size are down to these, and would prefer humbucking/hum cancelling:
    -Bartolini BC4CBC
    -Nordstrand Fat Stacks
    -Nordstrand Big Splits
    -Aquilar DCBs

    Here's BBG's full range in that size:

    Did I just ask for "the best pickup for metal"? Lol
    Definitely not looking for old school thump (ie. I don't play mowtown)

    Any suggestions or recommendations would be appreciated.
  2. That's a good price for sure!
    I know you're selling, but how would you describe them?
  3. Sunday football bump!