Bart or Lawrence 5 string precision?

Discussion in 'Pickups & Electronics [BG]' started by tekhna, Dec 21, 2004.

  1. tekhna


    Nov 7, 2004
    They both make 5 string precision pups, any input on which one is better? Lawrence is cheaper, and I know his guitar strings rock. Problem with the stock 5 string precision in right now is the strings are not even. The B and E are weaker than the other three, I would assume due to the issues with 5 string P pups.
  2. Richard Lindsey

    Richard Lindsey

    Mar 25, 2000
    Metro NYC
    I doubt that you'll go wrong either way. One thing I'll say: I also play guitar, and I have Lawrence's PUs on all my guitars. I haven't heard the P-46, but I've never heard a bad PU from Lawrence. (I'm talking about the real guy,, not the guy at, about whom I will not comment.) That doesn't mean there aren't plenty of other good options for your 5 string P; it's just to say that I've had very good experiences with Lawrence, so that if it were me, I'd take a chance on the Lawrence.
  3. tekhna


    Nov 7, 2004

    I love the Lawrence pickups, having put them in my guitar, I just have never tried their bass pickups! I guess I can just trust my guitar experience and go for it! And you are right, no comment needed on the other loser.