SOLD Bartolini 4-String J-Bass Pickup Set

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    Bartolini Split Coil Humbucking 4-String J-Bass Pickup Set Black

    Bridge and neck jazz bass pickups. Smooth, warm, punchy, clear Bartolini tone

    Not exactly sure of the model number. They were sold to me as 9J, but the etching on the back of the pickups looks like 9P. I talked with Bartolini customer service, and they weren’t sure either. They were most likely made by Bill Bartolini before he sold the company.

    Very Good condition

    Bartolini 9J Split Coil 4-String J-Bass Pickup Set 1990s Black

    Asking $100 Shipping included Con US

    Thanks for looking.

    1 Bart J-Bass Pups TOP SCALED IMG_2064.JPG 2 Bart J-Bass Pups BOTTOM SCALED IMG_2060.JPG
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