SOLD Bartolini AGDB/918-2 Dual Input Buffer/Pre-Amp

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    1 Bartolini Buffer Module IMG_1229.JPG 2 Bartolini Buffer Side Lable IMG_1221.JPG 3 Bartolini Buffer Box Top  IMG_1224.JPG 4 Bartolini Buffer INSTRUCTIONS IMG_1230.JPG Bartolini AGDB/918-2 Adjustable Gain Dual-Channel Buffer/Pre-Amp
    Excellent condition, never installed
    $65 shipped, Con US only

    Features two independent buffers with adjustable low-noise gain from 0 to 12dB with a superior flat frequency output response and low noise floor. This preamp can be used with either 1x 9-volt battery (9-volt operation) or 2x 9-volt batteries (18-volt operation) which yields 6 dB extra headroom. The buffer isolates the pickup output so that outboard effects, even the ones with "True Bypass", and amps do not weaken the pickup’s output. It operates as a buffer for any of BArtolini's onboard Pre-Amps, such as the NTMB and TCT 3-Band EQ’s, NTBT 2-Band EQ, or stand-alone in front of a passive tone control.

    Module Size: 1.05" [26.7mm] Long, 0.79" [20.1mm] Wide, 0.43" [10.9mm] Thick
    Operating Voltage: 9V or 18V
    Input Impedance: 1MΩ
    Output Impedance: 3.6KΩ
    Gain: 0-12dB
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    Sep 28, 2012
    Any pictures?
  3. Russty1107

    Russty1107 Supporting Member

    Jul 21, 2006
    Buffalo, NY, USA
    Ooops, I forgot. Pics have been uploaded. Take another look. Thanks
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