SOLD Bartolini B-axis Jazz pickups PRICE DROP

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    Oct 18, 2007
    Selling a set of Bartolini B-axis hum cancelling jazz pickups. Hardly used—I originally bought them because my G&L JB had a bad hum issue but it seems to be caused by crappy wiring in my house vs the pickups. These sound really great but I decided to go back to the stock pickups. They were installed for about a week and are basically in mint condition. Price includes shipping to the lower 48.
    CAECCFF9-ECDF-45B2-937D-2A95CAE694B9.jpeg 3CC46E11-C3F8-4262-9F2D-027EE5D70F1A.jpeg 29804C03-425E-417B-A7F3-D7E0D60F3B5C.jpeg 621FD5F9-E0CB-4C3C-8267-6EAB625058EF.jpeg
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    Passive or active?
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    They're passive and humbucking. ;)
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