No longer available Bartolini B-Axis Pickups

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    Sep 7, 2007
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    Selling my used set of Bartolini B-axis pickups. I've had B-axis in several basses and they've never failed. No wire has been cut.

    Based on the Original 1970’s Bartolini HI-A design, the B-axis series Precision Bass® (P Bass® ) and Jazz Bass® ( J Bass® ) have gained the interest of highly respected by musicians and luthiers alike for their Huge Punchy Tone, Precise Articulation, Rich Harmonics, and Incredible Versatility.

    They feature a new fully encapsulated Alnico V exposed pole piece design. The B-axis series bass pickups are passive designs. They are cast in epoxy to remove unwanted feedback and microphonics. The J45J L/LN-18 is intended for 18mm Bridge String Spacing. This is a true set, where the bridge and neck are wound to match. This is not two bridge pickups.

    Price is $135 shipped CONUS. NO TRADES!

    Pickup Length: Bridge 95mm (3.73”) Neck 95mm (3.73”)



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    Looking for a set of J55J. This is a good deal. I wish I had something to put these in. GLWTS