SOLD Bartolini Classic Bass Pickups M56CBC 6 string set

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    Selling my barely used Bartolini Classic Bass pickups. Been in a drawer for about a year. Purchased brand new. Used in my 6 string Modulus probably 3 months..

    M56CBC Technical Details
    Coil Structure:

    Dual Parallel Humbucking
    Cable Type:
    4-Conductor Cable with shield and bare drain

    Magnetic Circuit:
    2 types of precision CNC milled carbon steel, brass, and copper powered by ceramic (ferrite) magnets projected for focused aperture
    Neck coil South and Bridge coil North for both positions

    6-String Original M5 Soapbar – M56CBC

    $150 for the set, shipped Conus
    Thank you

    All tech and size info located here

    6-String Classic Bass M5 Soapbar - M56CBC - Bartolini Pickups & Electronics

    Bart M56CB Front.jpg

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