Bartolini P+J problems

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    I recently put together a Warmoth Fretless bass and used Bartolini pickups with the build.

    Precision pickup was a 8CBP pickup
    Jazz pickup was a split coil 9J-L1

    I used this wiring diagram

    I used 250k audio taper pots and had a luthier check my work as soon as gremlins showed up. It all checks out OK.

    My problems are as follows:

    1. When the P bass pickup is full up and the J pickup is added to the mix, it loses low end and the bass is somehow cancelled out, leaving a more J like tone. Frustrating when just adding the J pickup for seasoning as I like to do.

    2. The taper of the pots seems off. Both pots are extremely low volume until the last tiny bit of the range of the pot. I thought this might be due to a wrong taper pot but after replacing them, the problem remains.

    3. While the resistance of the pots checks out on a meter and they both adequately zero out any signal while on the meter, the bass has a low volume even when the pots are completely down.

    I am completely out of my depth here, I do not understand these problems, and while I can solder a circuit well (electrician dad - he is stumped too) I can't see any reason other than using a wrong wiring diagram that these problems are occurring.

    Any ideas?