Bartolini Thunderbird Pickups

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  1. glohgloh


    Sep 5, 2005
    Hi all
    I’m researching the possibility of fitting a pair of Bartolini Thunderbird Bass pickups into a Far-Eastern Thunderbird copy… a sort of project bass.
    I am totally new to this sort of work, so need to clear up the series/parallel - coils/wiring options.
    Am I correct in thinking you can wire the Bartolini (4 conductor pickups) coils in series or parallel?, and then also have the option of wiring the actual pots in series or parallel?
    If I am correct, I presume the vol/vol/tone control config of the Thunderbird bass would give the control wiring part of my question, a parallel answer?
    But the coils??... if there is a series/parallel option with a 4 conductor pickup, what config do Thunderbird Bass pickups normal have?... series or parallel coils??...
    Another option to this would be that I am clueless, and have it totally wrong:)
    Thanks for any help given.