Bartolini, TV Jones, Hip-Shot

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  1. All prices include shipping, shipped to the lower 48 USA only.

    Bartolini 59P76-L/S 5 string J set. These are the same size as a standard 4 string set. But they will not work on a 4 due to the magnet layout, D string ends up weaker. But for 5, they are great.
    They are in good shape, little string marks on the cover, like any Bart that has been used. $50SOLD

    Hip-Shot vintage style bridge, 4 string in Chrome. Very good condition. $39 NOW $35

    TV Jones Thunder’Mag in Chrome Finish, Filter’tron Mount, bridge string spacing. I bought this new from TV Jones, and never installed it. I was going to use it in my Cabronita I had but, I got rid of the bass. I paid $145 shipped from TV Jones. I will take $99SOLD

    Sorry for the crappy phone PIC.

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  2. Feel free to make reasonable offers.
  3. TV Jones is Sold!
  4. Bart's are out of here!
  5. Holiday Bump! Bridge now $35 shipped priority!

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