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Bartolini vs. Dimarzio Ultra Jazz 5?

Discussion in 'Pickups & Electronics [BG]' started by binnerscot@msn., Nov 9, 2005.

  1. binnerscot@msn.


    Aug 4, 2005
    I have searched quite a bit for some info regarding this and haven't found a direct comparison. I have a Parker 5 string with the stock Ultra Jazz 5s (I suspect the winding may be a bit different than off the shelf Ultra Jazz pups). Replacement options are limited to standard Jazz style pups, I don't plan on routing the Parker. I run it through a SWR Bass 750 with a MESA 4x10 and 1x15. Anyway, how would the Bartolini Jazz replacements compare in sound and output. I prefer very modern tones for rock and metal. I have Bart soapbars in an Ibanez 4 string and love the pups, but the bass itself just doesn't compare. Thanks all.
  2. I've had both and I would think that for rock and metal the Ultras would be better.You need to cut through the mix even if the guitars are blasting all around you.Barts might be a little more hifi sounding more musical by themselves but in your style you need to cut through and the Ultras certainly do that very well.
  3. luknfur


    Jan 14, 2004

    I would definetly follow-up and contact Parker and DM to see if the pups are non-standard. You for sure wouldn't want to buy pups you've already got - even though the same pups could vary noticeably. In a TB thread Roger Sadowksy once posted that the DM's (suspectedly Ultra's) he used were wound to his specs. But I wouldn't be inclined to buy that unless the pup actually looked different (preferably with removeable covers) like SDs/Modulus. DM's too are just held on with glue so not an issue to crack.

    Keeping in mind that custom wound would be the proper marketing verbage to hear from manufacturers. I think DavidWilson actually had both the Ultras and Sads and said the Sads were noticeably different - little brighter maybe. But I also had a set of Model J's that came with a DM preamp and was told those pups were a little brighter than standard Model J's. So even manufacturers will vary the same pup themselves.

    Also soaps are just a shape and often simply have J's within. You didn't say which soaps but that's possible and the Bart site should give some direction - or any Bart distributor could probabl say if theres a J equivalent.
  4. David Wilson

    David Wilson Administrator Staff Member Administrator Supporting Member

    Oct 14, 2002
    Lower Westchester, NY
    for 5 string Jazz basses, there is no one standard for the pickup sizes. This affects your possible replacement options.

    Can you measure your pickups? The UJ5's I've played with were both 3.73" long. Barts are perfectly good, but their default wound J's can have a slightly muted high end in my experience. Their output is slightly lower as well, and work better with a preamp IMO (I don't know if your bass is active or passive)

    As luknfur said, I tested out ultra jazz and sadowsky J's in the same bass (4 string). The sadowsky's were less mid scooped than the ultra jazz pups. Link to those soundclips in the pickups faq.
  5. Stick with the current pickups in your Parker Bass. ;) You should get plenty of bite out of them. I know I do!!


  6. I've been testing various pickup and string combinations by making high quality recordings of "Fly Me To The Moon" in Sonar. In each case, the bass is DI to the DAW and gain is adjusted for highest signal without hitting a splat.

    I have the bass panned Center and the mix music panned hard Right. This lets the user adjust the MP3 player pan control to solo, blend, or bury the bass in the mix.

    Each bass has its individual flavor when solo'ed, but they all sound mostly the same in the mix. I'm testing my L1500, a P-bass with DP146 and another P with SPB3, and a stock 2001 MIM-J fretless. The most noticeable change is swapping strings. And the hum from the MIM J pickups.

    All of this is leading up to asking the question of the poster about WHERE he wants his bass to sound better with different pickups? The only place where pickup changes matter appears to be solo. Buried in a mix, I can't pick out one bass from another.

    IMO, if the intended use is a live mix then one pickup is as good as another. The choice of speaker cabinets has much more influence on the live mix sound than does the pickup. Again, this is my opinion based on simple tests, and YMMV.
  7. binnerscot@msn.


    Aug 4, 2005
    Well, I am not much of a solo bass player, but I am pretty picky about sound and mixes in general. I have been very happy with the current pups, but thought I would ask those with experience with both DM and Bart J pups. The mention of the Barts being a little lower in output and the highs being a little more restrained leads me to believe that the stock pups are the closer to my needs. As far as mixes go, I try to avoid that muddy low to low mid that I heard in a lot of basses/pups. The Parker does that an exceptional job with that, lots of defined low end with no mess.

    Also, I know there are a size or two for Js, these would be two same sized bridge models I think.

    Mr. Jay Terrien, nice to hear from you outside the Parker forum, I hope all is going well for you.

    Thanks much everyone, your insight has been a great assist.