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  1. I can only immagine that some people are going to say to get the Barts because they just don't like fender, and I'll try and nip that in the bud. If I shouldn't get Fenders, please tell me a good reason why not :)

    Anyway, I'm throwing a J-retro into my MIM Jazz, and I am going to put new pickups into it. Should I go with MIA (out of a '98) Fender Jazz pickups, the newer Fenders Noiseless pickups, or a pair of Bartolini's? I'm looking for something thats vertatile, but I mostly like playing melodic stuff. I guess my only qualm with getting the noiseless (and I don't like hum one bit either :) so I'd prefer something that is really quiet even when both are not maxed, is this possible) is that I don't want sterile. I guess a warm vintage fender sound.. Am I asking too much? Is any of this even possible? I guess I'm looking in the $100 range for a pair.. that seems to be reasonable for the things I've looked at. What should I be looking for?
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    I currently own an American Deluxe Jazz 5 with the Noiseless pickups and I recently dropped a J-Retro Deluxe into the bass. So far I've been pretty impressed with this set up. When I run the J-Retro in Active mode, the tone is that nice, "organic" sound that is true of Fender basses, except with tonal flexibility of the J-retro. Additionally, when I run the bass in passive mode, the Noiseless pickups alone deliver a solid pure tone. My only complaint about this set up is that I would like a beefier output from the B string. However, I'm assuming you have a 4 and this won't be a problem.

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  3. Hey thanks!

    I thought everyone forgot about this post (psst, I nearly did too! :( :D) But that was exactly what I was looking to hear :) thanks
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    Is it true from what I have been hearin fender noiseless pickups have week B strings? What year did they start using them I have a 99 fender Jazz (mia) and its B is a little week I dont thin this has noiseless pickups in it. What would be a good pickup to eliminate this probelm?
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    I really like the sound of the passive vintage style pickups in my MIA but they do hum since they are true single coils.
  6. Has anyone replaced the pickups in a Deluxe V with any success? I know most of the manufacturers claim that they don't make a direct replacement for these, but is there one that works? I am with you guys, the B is weak. Acoustically it seems huge so there must be something in the electronics that will fix this.
  7. Yes Amen - In other words,

    has anybody got a good bass tone from replacing pickups on a fender jazz bass as opposed to just buying a real bass with real bass tone from the start and not having to have to replace the pickups because they sound terrible??
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    I think the Fender Vintage Noiseless is a stack coil design, while Bartolini Js are split coil design.

    Many feel split coil designs sound more like a single coil, more output, less compressed.

    If you can find a set, the Fender Super 55 noiseless pickups are a great sounding split coil J set.

    Fender Super 55 vs Vintage Noiseless Jazz pickups |

    Bartolini makes different sounding J pickup sets, which set or sets are you considering?
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    Audere makes a preamp that has a dummy coil in it to combat that. They also make a passive version. That is the one and only mod I'm doing to my American Jazz here soon.

    Audere Audio Jazz Hum - Noise Cancelling Preamps

    The dummy coil is in a wafer you can stick in the route.
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  10. Ok well tell me which preamp and pickup will get me closest to this sound..

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    have you thought about split coils? i have a pair of fender super 55, split coil. they are very much nicer than the bartolini 9j1, split coil. i feel that the fenders retain much of the jazz sound, but they are hotter. and since they are split coils, they can also be molded to sound very warm, bassy, growly, bright, and more. the bartolinis were too dark and muddy in my experience.
    the super 55 are around $120. but they have been discontinued. there are still some on ebay.
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    by the way, the bass on that video is an acoustic bass. the sound of that kind of basses is difficult to replicate by a regular electric bass... with any pickup or preamp. the construction of the body and neck of acoustics is just a huge deal with regards to the sound you can get from them. in general, they also have a different type of pickup (piezo if im not mistaken) than regular electrics (magnetic). not to mention the type of strings, those also matter quite a bit.
  13. Well then what's the closest set of preamp and pickups I need to install - to get a real bass sound - like on that babyface video I posted above.

    I have a fender 5 string deluxe with N3 noiseless pickups (what a load of crap fender..)
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    hahaha! i hear you man. i've had a few bad apples myself. i would say you're okay on the preamp. what i would suggest is to find some sound samples on youtube, or wherever you can find some, of basses with flatwounds, and tape wound or nylon wound strings. those might bring you closer to the sound you want than the "regular" roundwounds. also, strings that are more aged/ have been played tend to have less "zing" than fresh, new ones. they are a bit more mellow.
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    Mar 16, 2004
    The 4th generation Fender Noiseless pickups( Elite Series) sound better than any Bartolini's i have ever used. best pickups Fender ever made.And at 66 years old I have tried everything.
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