Bartolini XXM55C-T XXM55C-B

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  1. Hi .

    I have bass (ZON Sonus 5) with custom installed:
    Bridge: Bartolini XXM55C-T 5 String Soapbar
    Neck: Single bartolini pickup (Standart)
    5.4 Bartolini electronics with 3 EQ, Active/Passive, bend, mid switch.

    And i have problem with it:
    When bend is fully on neck pickup - Perfect sound.
    When bend is fully on bridge pickup - Perfect sound.
    When bend on both pickups i have low volume level on 2nd and 4th strings. I think that problem is in different pickups.

    And i want to install:
    Neck: Bartolini XXM55C-B 5 String Soapbar

    Should i replace Bartolini preamp or standart preamp used in 5.4 kit will sufficient?

    Sorry for my English.