Barts in a Warwick

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  1. Hi folks, quick question.

    Any of you bass overlords out there ever put Bartolini electronics in a Warwick? What pickups and preamp did you use? What were the results?I'm curious because you never hear of Barts in a Warwick but I know someone has to have done it.
  2. I was gonna do it to my Corvette 4 but after talking to a few other bassists that were familiar with this combo said that barts arent really voiced well for such a "woody" sounding bass, so I never did it. Just my 2 cents.;)
  3. That's odd, because Barts are used in basses made of some seriously premium woods. The Warwick in question is a Corvette Proline, with a maple body.
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    Jul 25, 2000
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    back in the day, some warwicks came stock with barts. ime, the thumbs sound great with barts. i dunno about corvettes.
  5. my teachers thru-neck thumb 6 has got barts in it, they were already in it when warwick gave it to him though, its one of the older ones i think.
    it sounds really nice, tight and growly

  6. Now, after I was -easily- talked out of trying a set of Barts to accompany my new (used) U-retro preamp for my Warwick I bought a set of used Duncan Quarter Pounders last week instead, I have not installed either yet but now I am thinking about Barts again, I am so easily influenced, I am looking for a aggressive (not so hi-fi) tone, any suggestions anyone? I got most of my pickup knowledge from the bass player mag pickup shootout, not from expeirience, I have only had the passive MEC p/u's & electronics in my Warwick the whole time & I am pretty sure the U-retro pre & a good set of P/U's will drastically improve what is a (IMHO) pretty good sounding bass already, ya think?
  7. I'm mainly looking for a warm sound out of this bass so Barts are my natural first thought.
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    Jun 1, 2002
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    Excuse me for saying so, but I LOVE YOUR ****ING NAME. That Pro Wrestling Nintendo game was sweet, I was always that starfaced ninja guy.
  9. I think you should stay with the Duncans, because they tend to sound a lot more agressive than Barts IMO, although I prefer Barts